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Efficiency in manufacturing operations ensures timely product delivery, maximized uptime and gaining the competitive advantage. Almost every business owner knows this, but how many of them actually work on it?

Automation and technology are raising the bar to enhance performance and efficiency in the overall manufacturing process. The key is to run your operation in smart ways. And it’s all possible with an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The flexible and custom ERP solution, SAP Business One is designed to harmoniously manage interdependent tasks and get real-time analytics your team needs to analyze and improve production management. It’s the choice for many progressive businesses that drives better decision-making possibilities at every stage of production.

Take MRP to the next level

SAP Business One Software is equipped with custom production management functionalities to allow the teams to understand supply and demand, and to optimise your production scheduling. Its Materials Requirement Planning is dedicated to allowing the businesses to drive procurement decisions and allocate inventory against the production orders. This means you can calculate the production due date with greater precision.

A better picture of overall demand and resource availability results in less stock holding, confident re-ordering management, and accuracy in the time to release production orders.

Control Over BOMs and Production Orders

For a manufacturing business, an enhanced production line is the most important process, which also serves as a vital aspect for overall business growth with complex routing and multiple sub-assembly stages. SAP Business One software lets you create a Bill of Materials (BOMs) with multi-level BOMs that help simplify complicated assemblies.

For example, a manufacturing company that is producing large oil tanks that are used on the transport trucks can use the multi-level BOMs to cover the sub-assembly processes. Additionally, it also allows businesses to spread the work process to manufacture different parts of a single product in multiple stages.

Better Production Line Effectiveness

Improvements in the production line need careful considering and you must modify the process to identify the problems. SAP Business One is a customised software that offers flexibility in all aspects of business operations. This means all the business procedures can be linked including production, sales, finances, purchasing, inventory management, and distribution. It comes with functionality where the captured data about the production process can be later used for comparison for further improvements in the overall manufacturing process.

For example, you can check the performance when different team members worked on a particular project. The system lets you easily calculate the costs of production with post variances. This way, you can identify better opportunities to improve production with adjustment in the team members or other aspects.

SAP Business One will make your process better

Regardless of what you manufacture, the multiple steps and people are involved in the process. SAP Business One software allows businesses to make better decisions about how to balance the inputs, processes, people, and time to meet your customers’ needs.