SAP Business One

A scaleable ERP solution, connecting and streamlining your growing company’s business processes


Financial Management

Slim margins, eliminate errors and gain insight into decision making with comprehensive tools streamlined from financial operations


Purchasing & Inventory Control

Sharpen purchasing processes and control costs by overseeing the order-to-pay cycle including receipts, invoices, returns and payments


Production Planning

Low total cost of ownership and fast to implement, have your business up and running in days or weeks


Sales & Customer Management

View the entire sales process and customer phases from initial contact through to purchase, post-service and ongoing support


Business Intelligence

Present real-time and factual reports by viewing company-wide data with analytical tools


Analytics & Reporting

Improve decision making with enterprise-wide reporting and analytics tool that are customisable and include interactive dashboards


Industry Specific Software

SAP offers solutions driven by intelligent technologies for best practice business processes that help you run better. It’s capabilities serve any of the below industries:

Consumer Products

Discrete Industries

Energy & Natural Resources

Financial Services


Professional Services


Service Industries

Wholesale Distribution


Unify Business Processes & Data with Finance At The Core

SAP Business One is an all-in-one advanced business software suite for growing small to medium-sized businesses. Defined as a best of suite application, SAP Business One, jam packs in a host of functions that other vendors only offer as optional extras – and often do not offer at all.

SAP business management software has evolved into a technical platform and advanced application. As a result of its advanced capabilities, it now enjoys a global community of development companies creating apps and application extensions to enhance the core SAP Business One system, making it suitable for an even wider audience.

The average Australian SME remains with the same ERP solution for up to 10 years, which is 2 to 3 times longer than the average business plan. The question that needs to be asked is ‘How can I predict the needs of my business in 10 years?’ The answer is you can’t, which is why you need an ERP software solution that expands to meet your changing needs. SAP Business One is an ERP software solution designed to expand to meet the needs of your evolving business. Start-ups and small SME’s can start with the SAP Business One Starter kit and seamlessly expand up to the full SAP Business One suite.

Growth Made Simple

BatchMaster for SAP Business One

Discover more about how BatchMaster works with SAP Business One and how it can streamline and transform operations for those looking for solutions to manufacturing and warehouse management challenges. 

  • Sample & Formulation
  • Quality
  • Inventory
  • Batch Production
  • Product Costing
  • Mobile / Warehousing
  • Packaging BOM
  • Traceability & Compliance
  • Planning & Scheduling


Connecting cloud-based business applications and services to SAP Business One, including Shopify, DHL, Mailchimp and others.

SAP Business One for SAP HANA

Speed and agility are vital to outmanoeuvring larger competitors with greater resources. You need to understand the implications of every decision and action without losing momentum – or losing sight of your vision. CitySoft’s implementation ensures that in-memory computing platforms help you supercharge application performance and analyse massive columes of data in real tim, without complicating your IT landscape. 

Smarter, Faster and Simpler ERP

Your business is moving at a faster and faster pace, but your business software is getting slower. You cannot afford the delays. You need information now if you wish to remain competitive and service your customers’ needs. You need the power of a big system, at a fraction of the cost. You need SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA.

The SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA software solution is designed for small to medium sized businesses and subsidiaries of large businesses. Run every facet of your business smarter, faster, and simpler.

You will be able to transform business processes to unlock new growth opportunities, speed up core business processes, and simplify IT by combining analytics and transactions.

SAP HANA Edge Edition

SAP HANA, Edge edition, is an on-premise, real-time, in-memory analytics platform. It’s the perfect solution for Australian SMEs that wish to accelerate access to the wealth of insight that lie in their operational and strategic information.

The SAP HANA, Edge edition platform delivers the benefits of in-memory processing. These benefits include greatly increased processing speed, improved text and data mining, and flexible modelling functions.

SAP HANA, Edge edition provides instant insight into your operations by supporting rapid creation of ‘ad hoc’ views across the business. You can analyse all available data (regardless of source) and respond nimbly to changing business conditions, no matter how sudden.


The SAP HANA One service is a totally re-imagined platform for real-time business. It streamlines application, analytics, predictive, and text data processing within a single in-memory platform.

SAP HANA One is a certified instance of the SAP HANA platform, which is available in the public cloud for productive and commercial use. It is sized to support breakthrough departmental analytics and applications and complements any on-premise SAP HANA deployment.

The SAP HANA One license is a metered subscription invoiced along with the cloud infrastructure. It provides the functions and flexibility of the SAP HANA platform.

What is 'In-memory processing'?

SMEs are demanding faster and easy access to information in order to make reliable and smarter decisions. SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA enables SMEs to have immediate access to the right information, which results in improved decision making.

Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) technology loads data onto the disk in the form of tables and multi-dimensional cubes against which queries are run. In-memory data is loaded into memory (Random Access Memory (RAM) or flash memory) instead of hard disks. This means your IT people spend less development time on data modelling, query analysis, cube building and table design.

HANA Mobile Business

If you are like most Australian SMEs, you are looking for ways to improve the capacity and efficiency of your people in the field. SAP Business One provides you with these capabilities. The SAP Business One license provides system users with a free sales and service app for secure mobile access so when staff are working off site they can access key business information including client and accounting data through their Apple and Android devices as well as processing various sales and service business transactions.

HANA Sales App

Sales Application

Access the most relevant business information and processes anywhere, anytime on any mobile device. Manage sales activities, customers and opportunities, with real-time access to data. Sales Managers can monitor activities with the location-based activity check-in of sales activities using a dedicated activity report within the SAP Business One client.

HANA Service APP

Service Application

Mobile service workers who provide on-site services for customers will see their job management streamlined with the service App. With access to customer records, speech to text, barcode scanning and being able to place a sales order directly within the App, field workers can review and resolve assigned service tickets easily and efficiently.

SAP Business One Features


  • Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Fixed asset management
  • Banking and reconciliation
  • Financial reporting and analysis

Sales & Customer

  • Opportunity management
  • Marketing campaign
  • Customer management
  • Service Management
  • Reporting and analysis 
  • Mobile sales


  • Procurement
  • Master data management
  • Warehouse and accounting integration
  • Accounts payable
  • Reporting

Business Intelligence

  • Report creation and customisation
  • Interactive analysis
  • Intuitive tools
  • Analytics with predefined metrics
  • Powerful data visualisations

A Single Source Of Truth

Consider the efficiencies your business could achieve with an enterprise-wide software solution. Imagine also the operational and financial visibility such a solution could deliver you. This is the promise of SAP Business One. Say goodbye to silos of information held in archaic systems that don’t integrate and imperfect reporting that diverts the attention of your executives toward preparing report packs rather than interpreting reporting data. With SAP Business One, you will achieve business-wide efficiencies that better utilise your valuable resources.


Efficiency & Profitability Through Automation

Automating repetitive tasks is just the start of how SAP Business One can help you streamline business processes and improve business efficiency. SAP Business One provides visual business process work flows, intuitive inquiries, on screen drag and relate analysis, interactive dashboards, alerts and document management as standard functionality. SAP Business One also allows you to add EDI, RF warehousing, mobility and a host of capabilities that remove manual effort.


Improved Communication With CRM

Whether you’re seeking innovative new ways to reach new customers or better ways to service existing customers, SAP adapts to your needs. The same is true of communicating with Suppliers.

With SAP, you have a centralised solution to manage and record all communications as part of the ERP eco-system. The built in CRM functionality will serve not only your sales department but accounts, procurement and customer service staff where recording and storage of communications and documents and the automation of reminders assist with selling, debt collection, paying and procuring stock and services and delivery of customer service.

CitySoft recommend SAP for SMB’s

As an Australian SMB you need an ERP solution that provides you with the power of an enterprise-wide solution without the associated costs so you can compete with larger competitors with only a fraction of their resources. SAP Business One is such a solution. SAP Business One is a mature ERP software solution for SMB’s used by over 75,000 businesses around the globe. 

SAP Business One for Australian SMB’s is available as a perpetual or subscription licence and can be self managed or Cloud hosted.


SAP for small businesses is available as a subscription or perpetual license. It operates on named licenses and is available as a professional user license (Full system access) or lower-priced operational licenses – finance, sales or logistics.

The annual software maintenance for the perpetual license is 17% p.a. Contact us to find out about the affordable SAP Business One price.

CitySoft understands the challenges that small to medium businesses face, and this knowledge allows us to provide the levels of service needed to extract maximum value from a business system. We use the disciplines and processes required for successfully implementing larger mid-sized systems and for running larger scale projects into SAP Business One centred projects, but scale and provision these to represent maximum value and best practice outcomes for our clients.

Cost Effective

SAP Business One was designed from the outset to be one of the world’s most cost effective SME ERP software solutions. The SAP Business One ecosystem provides SMEs with a robust ERP system with essential business wide functionality and the capacity to adapt and expand to the individual needs of a specific business or industry.

The SAP Business One platform supports the development of industry and solution-specific modules which dramatically expand the capabilities of SAP Business One. The SAP Business One ecosystem includes industry specific solutions such as Batchmaster for Process manufacturers in chemical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food and beverage production. Batchmaster is just one of the industry specific solutions that has helped turn SAP Business One into the leading SME ERP software solution around the globe.

Leading, Reliable SAP Business Solutions

There are two available technologies;

  1. SAP Business One for a Microsoft Windows platform using MS SQL
  2. SAP HANA platform an in memory technology running on a Linux platform

The application only differs slightly for the two platforms.

The key competitive strengths for small to medium-sized businesses in this SAP business lie in the incredible value it represents, when compared to other systems in the same market space. The SAP Business One management software system is superior from both a product functionality perspective and a value ranking.

Electronic alerts, workflows, approval processes, deep Microsoft Office productivity tool integration, SQL Query, on-screen drag and relate, relationship maps, and unlimited optional fields and tables functionality make SAP Business One software a leader in its segment.

SAP for small businesses and medium businesses encourages more profitable growth through an accomplished system. This is achieved with core system manufacturing, service management, fixed assets, EFT, national accounts, serialised and batch inventory management, RMA controls and CRM systems.

Companies looking to migrate from an entry level system such as QuickBooks, MYOB or Xero or the older packages such as Sage 300, Attaché, Greentree, Sybiz or CBA systems will find the usability and value proposition SAP Business One represents, quite compelling.

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