Two powerful Winery Software Solutions to choose from

CitySoft offer two enterprise-wide solutions for the wine industry.

Developed for the wine industry

CitySoft has drawn together a set of technologies into a unified business system that addresses the many and varied IT challenges in the wine industry. The system is affordable, scalable and technically advanced supplying wine producers real-time information anytime anywhere


Platform Integration

System integration of best of breed Cloud software components with the award-winning SAP Business One business software suite creates a powerful modern software platform for the Wine industry. CitySoft’s business system supports good business practices, business efficiencies and unparalleled productivity.  The use of SAP Cloud Platform Connectors for SAP Business One accelerates and de-risks solution deployment and use enabling companies to utilize a wide range of leading Cloud applications, such as AUS Post for online and Club Membership sales delivery, Shopify for online B2B and B2C sales and MailChimp for EDM’s to prospects and clients.


One Source of Truth

With our integrated platform, decision-makers will benefit from a single source of truth. Instead of compiling data from siloed data sources you’ll have real time data presented in meaningful dashboards and reports supporting intelligent decision making  You’ll have insight & meaning behind your KPIs that help drive a modern intelligent enterprise.


Omnichannel Sales Management

The system provides coverage for cellar door sales; business to consumer (B2C) and business to business Web sales (B2B), traditional phone orders including recurring sales orders, & EDI orders. Our mobile sales App is the perfect companion for sales reps on the road or at trade shows.

Business software system specialists and professional services firm CitySoft have created a powerful end-to-end business system for Australian businesses involved in the production and distribution of wine, cider, spirits and beer. Built on the SAP Business One platform the system caters to the particular operational & information needs of businesses operating in these industry segments.

System scalability and extensibility combine to make the system applicable for industry start-ups right the way through to mature established enterprises, including those who operate multiple legal entities within a Group. The system can include coverage over all or parts of your production, Web sales, CRM & mobile sales, accounts and procurement, Cellar door sales, restaurant table service and general counter-sales. Where required, the system integrates with a variety of leading people management systems. Business intelligence & reporting applications round out the industry solution. The extendable nature of the system means that companies can progressively introduce components of the system to incorporate a growing list of business processes on platform for superior business performance. 

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Optimizing wine industry operations with SAP Business One

SAP Business One-Powered Solution Tailored for Wineries: Streamlining Sales, Production, and Beyond

  • Plagued by disparate systems
  • Some industry leaders but offering old tired solutions built before the Internet existed
  • Some quality newer point solutions that do specific tasks quite well
  • An integrated system using industry-leading components in a coherent manner
  • Modern Web software available on premise or via the Cloud
  • Scalable software to meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses

CitySoft is a
Certified SAP Partner

CitySoft specialize in supporting companies embrace the Digital World and to compete and prosper through the use of modern business software systems. With our wealth of experience in the business software & consulting industry you can feel at ease knowing your business will be supported by business experts.

Our SAP solution for the wine industry addresses the many and varied business challenges including legislative compliance. The systems’ scalability makes it equally applicable for small, medium and large Australian wine producers. The system is extensible taking in all or some of the typical industry business processes. It’s your choice on where the system starts and ends and which existing products you elect to retain.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to industry compliance. From WET Tax calculations to product labelling and raw material traceability, the CitySoft system captures and reports on the data that matters. The CitySoft system can co-exist with your existing production system, just handling finished goods, or we can delve right into production using BEAS or BatchMaster for SAP Business One. With industry leading financial reporting and analysis capabilities, procurement, sales and accounts plus advanced inventory management and production options the system stands to deliver the wine industry a modern business system developed for modern progressive businesses.

Remedy Drinks

“We plan to grow the business internationally, and we feel very confident that with SAP and CitySoft we’ll be able to achieve that aspiration.”
Gary Cobbledick, CEO, Remedy Drinks.

CitySoft are able to provide world-leading solutions for manufacturers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

System Elements

The core system covers the typical transactions carried out in any small to medium sized business in Australia. The CitySoft product experts have in turn tailored the core system to ensure compliance with the tax and reporting needs of the Wine, Cider, Spirit and Beer industry.

The CitySoft system for the Wine, Cider, Spirit and Beer industry supports one or more companies, branches and sites, manages cost and profit centres, produces financial reports, budgets and forecasts and cash flow and cash forecasting reports. Unlike many systems National accounts, & EFT payments functionality are standard features and not add on modules. Inter-company and Consolidations of multiple legal entities is offered to enterprises as a system extension who operate large or more complex corporate structures. . The CitySoft product experts have also tailored the core system to ensure compliance with the tax and reporting needs relevant to the industry.

The core system caters to traditional sales, both inbound or outbound, including where required integrated on-line phone credit card transactions. Existing customers can process orders online via the customer portal and the mobile sales app supports sales in the field by your sales people. Cellar door and restaurant sales are processed via purpose-built SAP Business One software. As an option the system also caters for EDI sales. With the solution you can capture business specific data during a sales order, arrange fields in a sequence that suits you & add shortcuts to associated data without leaving the SO screen. Optionally process a credit card transaction right from inside SAP B1.

The major benefits of selling on line are amplified when each sale automatically populates your back-office system to ensure seamless picking, packing and dispatch and treatment of the financial transaction including merchant fees, returns and bank reconciliations. The CitySoft system for the Wine, Cider, Spirit and Beer industry utilizes Shopify as the eStore with the solution boasting two-way integration between Shopify and SAP Business One for automated, streamlined and manageable, low fuss on line sales channel. CitySoft remove the pain and cost often associated with selling on line by managing the entire process of Shopify service selection, creative and integration.

The Wine, Cider, Spirit and Beer industry has particular requirements around inventory that are catered for in the CitySoft system. From vintage to blend, & barrel to LAL’s we have you covered. The SAP Business One inventory systems cater for one or multiple sites, bins and lots, unlimited item characteristics such as alcohol content, vintage, ingredients, & production details. Unlimited price lists and pricing models and various costing models support informed business decision making. Multiple units of measure & full forward and backward traceability are some of the particular features in the systems inventory management area that make the system applicable to the Wine, Cider, Spirit and Beer industry.

CitySoft’s business software system for the Wine, Cider, Spirit and Beer industry incorporates CRM for both sales force automation purposes plus for marketing to both prospects and existing customers. The use of SAP’s Mail Chimp connector enables companies to cost effectively market to their customers leading to customer engagement and importantly more sales. Our customer portal simplifies the customer experience whilst the SAP Business One customer Masterfile holds buyer preferences supporting targeted campaigns and promotions. Advanced analytics further assist companies tailor their customer engagements and messaging.

Businesses in the Wine, Cider, Spirit and Beer industry operating restaurants or cafes and or cellar door sales or even producers who sell their products at local markets & fares can now do so using SAP Business One’s Customer Check Out Point of Sale (POS) solution. The product works both off-line & on-line and was designed specifically for restaurants, cafes and stores. The system offers the Wine, Cider, Spirit and Beer industry a simple yet robust POS solution that is fully integrated to the back-office SAP Business One software system.

CitySoft’s industry solution as an optional inclusion covers leading Single Touch payroll & HR management software for Australia, integrated to SAP Business One’s general ledger. Choose from a simple payroll or introduce payroll, HR, OH&S, Employee Self-service (ESS), electronic timesheets and time & attendance equipment, even add a rostering component.

Nowadays businesses collect mountains of data yet few turn their data into valuable information, information that can increase sales, cut costs and improve profitability. CitySoft’s industry solution includes a variety of reporting and business intelligence tools to satisfy every business’s information needs. The reporting and BI tools delve deeper than just financial analysis critically analyzing operational aspects of a business to help companies work smarter not necessarily harder.

The CitySoft Wine, Cider, Spirit and Beer industry system includes informative dashboards, simple on-screen analysis with drag and drop technology, & includes a free license of SAP’s Crystal Reports Designer license. With a SQL Query builder, direct and two-way integration with Excel and an option to add best of breed Nectari BI software for enterprise-wide reporting every reporting need is covered.

Optional Components

Given the many and varied differences in the Wine, Cider, Spirit and Beer industries eco-system, CitySoft have created a business system consisting of many parts that can be added to the core system piece to create a tailored solution.

When the standard pick and pack functionality in the core system is insufficient & where the light mobile warehouse solution “SCAN” is insufficient CitySoft offers a complete and industry-leading warehousing system. Licensing is based on a WMS Professional license which is typically assigned to a warehouse manager, and device licenses for staff who receive, pick for production and or sales, move and stock take inventory on the warehouse floor. Optionally, companies can add advanced warehouse extensions such as weighbridge, quality and weight management systems through advanced automated device integration & 3PL site integration.

The CitySoft industry solution includes Shopify connected seamlessly to SAP Business One. CitySoft assist companies select the most appropriate Shopify account. Our creative team set up and configure your eStore and SAP experts ensure correct data flows between the two systems.

The B2B Customer portal provides companies with a 24/7 portal for account enquiry & payments & by adding the order pad customers can place orders any time. The B2B Portal is a Cloud hosted software component only offered as a subscription (Software as a Service or SaaS).

CitySoft’s industry solution utilizes SAP Business One’s CRM capabilities and Boyums MailChimp Connector to execute marketing campaigns. The use of Shopify and or the B2B customer portal enables companies to convert market campaigns and offers into new sales with minimal effort.

For companies or salespeople wedded to Microsoft Outlook for managing their contacts, tasks and appointments CitySoft offers a smart connector between SAP Business One and Outlook that empowers users to view and transact using SAP Business One data directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Boyum productivity software B1 iPayments enables staff to process a credit card payment from inside the core SAP Business One sales order entry screen which makes processing phone orders in SAP Business One a breeze. The B1up productivity tool adds excellent dashboards and user interface automation and changes to the core SAP Business One system.

The manufacturing suite if selected is available based on one of two licensing models. Model 1 is based on a direct match between the Manufacturing (BEAS) user count and the SAP Business One user Count (Professional, limited and indirect licenses). Model 2 is called a split model that does not require alignment with the SAP Licensed user count.  BEAS from Boyum IT consists of a core license and named users and optional extensions plus a series of the optional terminal, PC or mobile device licenses for shop floor data capture.

The payroll system licensing is based on employee numbers – how many people you pay, the number of concurrent payroll users you require to process your payroll, & whether you require HR, OH&S or Employee Self-service. The T&A system is based on employee numbers and device numbers and the rostering software is based on employee numbers and awards.

The BI licensing is based on a server license and full users – license holders who can create dashboards and reports and Viewer license holders being those users of the software who can run and view dashboards and reports. The system can be expanded by adding extension pack 1 & 2 that adds the ability to report and analyze multiple data sources plus distribution and scheduling functionality and full OLAP functionality.

For companies choosing CitySoft’s Cloud hosting services, pricing has been formulated based on license count ranges. Optional, business continuity and disaster recovery services can be added to the standard Cloud hosting service.

SAP Customer Checkout

A POS system tailored to your needs. With our Wine SAP solution you can streamline all transactions through multiple channels all on one system, which at the same time eliminates duplicate data entry. If you have a winery with an onsite restaurant give your sales staff the POS functionality they need to excel. SAP Customer Checkout supports all common requirements including; payments, loyalty management, sales analytics and more. Use as a standalone solution or integrate with our SAP ERP backend system for even more options.

CitySoft is a Certified SAP Partner

As providers of business systems solutions, CitySoft advises and assists companies to select the appropriate solution for those in the Wine, Cider, Spirit and Beer industry, to help them run simple and grow more profitably.

System Technologies & Licensing

The core system is offered as a Cloud hosted system or as an on-premise solution. Some optional system elements are made available as cloud only subscriptions. If selecting an OPEX subscription the software must be hosted by CitySoft. A perpetual license arrangement (CAPEX) can be deployed on-premise on your hardware or at a Data Centre of your choosing or hosted by CitySoft the specialists with respect to hosting the CitySoft industry solution.

Flexible deployment options mean companies without quick and reliable Internet can operate the software on their own hardware.

The SAP Business One system, as a technology platform, boasts a catalog of cloud connections to popular Cloud software systems and is designed to integrate with other systems.

The System Components Explained

There are two core system named user licenses to select from, one being a professional license with access to all the core system functions and one being a limited license offering the named license holder access to a sub-set of functionalities in the core SAP Business One system. There are there limited license types being – finance, sales and operations. 

If the SAP Business One Inter-company and consolidations product is required the license count of this module needs to equal the total number of SAP Business One named professional and limited license holders. Quite often we find that Group reporting using the BI tools adequately caters for an enterprise operating multiple legal entities with them reverting to including the SAP Business One Inter-company and consolidations product.

The SAP Check Out module is licensed to a device such as a POS terminal with cash draw, scanner and docket printer.

There are two SAP Business One indirect licenses, one is a per user license and one is an instance relating to an application. These licenses are utilized by various optional products typically where the optional product doesn’t require the user to own an SAP professional or limited license to use their product but the optional product uses data held in the SAP Business One core system.

The final SAP Business One user license type is the Starter Pack license. Designed originally for start ups and small businesses, the Starter Pack was limited to a maximum 5 named users but that limitation has now been lifted. SAP have removed a range of capabilities in the standard SAP system position particularly around production, service & projects. Our SAP solution picks up where your manufacturing solution ends. This allows you to keep your existing manufacturing procedures in place while integrating with our solution, that takes your wine beyond final production.

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