Purchase to Pay Automation (P2P)

There are many good reasons why companies should consider implementing a P2P automation system starting with cost reduction.


Increased staff productivity


Lower admin costs


Positive environmental impact


Digital storage of documents


P2P Overview

In many instances the financial case for adopting business automations is compelling. Benefits range from cutting admin costs, improving data accuracy and business partner responsiveness through to making a positive environmental impact. The automation of purchase to pay (P2P) has evolved from using OCR to the use of Ai to read, populate and workflow documents and transactions through a company’s ERP system. With many ERP systems now capable of holding electronic files (documents) against a transaction coupled with changed obligations regarding paper-based document retention, the whole P2P digitization process has picked up speed.

This is how it works

There are several ways a company can automate their P2P process. Ideally it starts by setting up an ap email address for suppliers to send you their AP invoices. System listeners poll the email folder and retrieve received documents. The P2P software system will either use OCR technology or AI technology to read data. OCR requires system training to identify where data sits for each supplier on their tax invoice whereas AI removes this somewhat tedious requirement. The AP invoice may be associated with a purchase order (PO) which may be used to validate the AP invoice. The P2P software will generate an AP transaction in your ERP system and if your ERP system supports workflows, the P2P process may then involve notification to one or more people in your business. Again, if your ERP system supports file attachments the AP invoice will be associated and available to view against the ERP AP transaction. Some systems also support scanning of invoices received as hard copy in the mail. This process may involve attachment of a barcode to each invoice or scanning with a blank page in between each unique invoice either way the receiving party doesn’t need to manually enter each AP invoice into their ERP system which for many businesses not only saves time but also improves the work experience of accounts / finance staff.

Whilst the primary focus is on P2P data extraction our solutions, using AI data extraction, can extend beyond accounts payable to your accounts receivable department and can automate data extraction from invoices, receipts, credit notes and further to other business processes such as recruitment and compliance.

Available Products

CitySoft offer companies several P2P solutions, some specific to a particular ERP system, and others that have universal application. CitySoft work with P2P systems based on the use of OCR technologies and products that utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Companies using one of the Sage ERP systems or the SAP Business One ERP system, supported by CitySoft, have the advantage of obtaining full P2P-ERP integration.

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