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Lascom CitySoft - PetFood solution

CitySoft X3 Developments

CitySoft operate the most experienced and well-resourced Sage X3 technical team in the ANZ region. We have created and commercialised several Sage X3 modules, all developed on the Sage X3 platform that either extend core Sage X3 license capabilities or add brand new capabilities. For instance, CitySoft has created the Sage X3 Malaysian legislation pack; an advanced banking module; a neat Shopify connector, a useability module; a module called WEAR for companies who work with SKU’s based around colours and sizes; an advanced contracts and recurring invoicing module, an automated currency update module and a Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.) App.  Click here to see our Sage X3 product extensions


For distribution firms with more advanced warehousing needs, Sage X3 expands to incorporate Datalinx . This solution provides additional ‘best of breed’ warehouse capabilities such as radio frequency warehouse management, container equivalence management, ASN and expected receipt support, blocking and non-conformity management, hazardous materials management, commercial priorities management and location allocation in proximity of picking bays.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI / Nectari)

Nectari (SEI) Business Intelligence is a data analysis and reporting solution for Sage X3 customers. It has been renamed Sage Enterprise Intelligence and offers the sophistication associated with more expensive BI tools such as SAP Business Objects. The SEI BI module sits above the SI Excel reporting tool in terms of BI capabilities and offers an Excel Add in similar to the SI option. The key capabilities of SEI are that it is easy to use by everyone, empowering users to analyse and report on real-time information across their enterprise, from Sage  X3 and other data sources, in an integrated and secure fashion.

The SEI offering includes ready to use pre-built templates, enabling you to gain immediate benefit from SEI’s powerful analysis and reporting capabilities. Financial Analysis, Reporting and Consolidation is made easy with SEI’s Excel Add-in. It supports and facilitates real-time access within Excel to Sage X3 and other data sources. The solution is based on the same integration and security settings in SEI BI. Excel user productivity will increase significantly after only a few hours of training.

DimoMaint – CMMS 

The DIMOMaint CMMS applications (Micro Maint, Mini Maint, Maxi Maint and Axel Maint) augment Sage X3  by extending the CMMS processes in Sage X3. The software addresses a company’s infrastructure maintenance management needs. The CMMS system manages both facility or production assets with respect to consumption, spare parts, preventative maintenance schedules, purchasing, contractor contracts and intesource allocation.


Connect once and integrate with unlimited retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, 3PLs and more. SPS’ cloud EDI service for Sage X3  supports popular EDI transactions including Purchase Order (850), Invoice (810) and Advance Ship Notice (856).  Utilise MAPADOC software for Sage Enterprise Management. MAPADOC is a fully integrated, easy to use electronic data interchange (EDI) software solution for Sage X3 .

Sage eCommerce

Sage eCommerce provides web buyers and your existing customers with real-time order updates, quotes and shipment status details. It integrates with popular social media and social marketing tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as offering on line chat and blogs. Up sell, cross sell and advanced promotions, all synchronized with Sage X3 in the back office makes selling easy. Customers can update their Sage X3 account details online and Sage eCommerce supports site search engine optimization to attract new customers. Sage eCommerce uses data from Sage X3 to display items and prices, to calculate taxes and currency conversions, and to display customer orders / shipments, and transaction history.


JitterBit is a powerful cloud based eCommerce, ERP and EDI integration solution. Positioned in the market as an API transformation company JitterBit has created a best in class platform that integrates key applications and platforms to provide companies a rich customer 360 view. The eBridges Connections universal platform as a part of the JitterBit API integration platform integrates Sage X3 with lading eCommerce carts and market places and hundreds of EDI trading partners such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco and eBay.

V1 Document Management

The Sage X3 system includes excellent best of suite document and file management capabilities, and where a best of breed enterprise wide document management system is required CitySoft recommend including V1 in the Sage X3 ecosystem. V1 supports advanced document management including; auto hiving and destruction, version control, advanced searching and document classification, and an easy to use Web interface. For Sage license holders V1 supports the ability to scan and save various Sage X3 documents, to scan and read (OCR) vendor invoices either via a scan station or via an ap@invoice or similar email address / folder containing emails from vendors with an invoice attachment.

Audros – PLM Software

Audros is both a document management solution and a product lifecycle management (PLM) application that allows securing, sharing and dissemination of all data and technical documents between project stakeholders.
Audros offers companies a fully integrated solution for document management (EasyDMS X3 Edition) that manages and secures all types of documents from Sage X3.The system allows access to industrial applications: drawings, document ranges, invoices, specifications, reports.

The EasyDMS X3 Edition is scalable to the PLM Audros X3 Edition. The PLM edition offers companies a suite of choices including connectivity with leading CAD applications: – Automatic integration of the assembly structure (CAD / ENGINEER, AutoCAD, CATIA v5, INVENTOR, ME10, PRO, SOLID EDGE, SOLIDWORKS), plus project management, Web catalogues, time management and Change management with validation (Engineering Change Order) and all types of workflows on data from both Audros and Sage X3.


Procession for Sage X3 provides industry-leading functionality for process manufacturers and chemical distributors. The Procession module delivers premium functionality in the areas of formulation, regulatory control, quality control, manufacturing, and distribution.

Procession is designed exclusively for Sage X3 using the Sage X3 development toolkit. The Procession modules run natively within Sage X3, which eliminates the need for your users to learn separate systems. Procession shares the same database as Sage X3, allowing greater access to your critical data and eliminating the “data islands” associated with external add-ons. Procession has been tested and verified by Sage to meet the best practice standards.

Sage Enterprise Inventory Advisor (Stock Optimisation)

Sage Inventory Advisor (SIA) helps companies reduce inventory by up to 35% and increase sales by 10% or more, using its cloud-based inventory management system. Sage Inventory Advisor is a secure, cloud-based subscription service that helps you reduce stock outs, excess inventory, and improve working capital. And it connects directly to your Sage ERP solution.

Enterprise Management Data & Analytics

EMDA is a data management and BI/analytics platform built for Sage X3. A pre-packaged Sage X3 data connector and data model provides instant access to information regardless of how Sage X3 is set-up. Automated integration of Enterprise Management data with other data (ERP, CRM, HRM etc.) enables 360-degree business analysis. Functional analytics, role-based dashboards, and flexible visualisations built for Sage X3 deliver BI and secure self-service data discovery. User access rights, extracted from Sage X3 and built-in data governance and security controls enable compliance while reducing IT overhead.


Lascom’s Product Lifecycle Management software tracks the development of a product from start to finish in one efficient system, making it the perfect addition to Sage Enterprise management software for Food and Beverage Manufactures.

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Lascom CitySoft - PetFood solution