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Various BI, data visualisation and reporting tools are sold and supported by CitySoft for Small to Medium Enterprises as well as Mid-Sized Businesses.

Rich data analytics providing you with insights to make decisions faster

CitySoft offers to provide professional reporting and business intelligence services to mid-sized enterprises utilising a range of business intelligence, data visualisation and reporting tools. The core BI, data visualisation and reporting tools include: Nectari (also known as Sage Enterprise Intelligence SEI), Sage Intelligence (SI), Qlik Sense, Power BI, SAP Business Objects, Crystal Reports and SAP HANA Analytics. Mid-market advanced business software system includes a range of applications and functionality that present and distribute data in ways that support accurate interpretation and use of the available business intelligence.

With optimised data marts for rapid deployment and report use and a data schema that removes the need for a separate data warehouse, Sage X3 offers mid-sized companies a quick and cost effective path to becoming data savvy and ready to drive further business growth through intelligent use of business information.

Business Intelligence for SMB’s

Innovative solutions such as Nectari, Alchemex and products from the SAP Crystal range now place advanced business analytics within reach of SME’s. In a recent global survey of SMEs, 37% of enterprises raised a need for better business analytics as the main driver for adopting new technology, while 34% cite a need for more comprehensive business management software to help them operate more profitably.

Business Intelligence software was once the domain of big business however innovative solutions such as Nectari (SEI), Alchemex (SI), SAP HANA Analytics, Qlik Sense and products from the SAP Crystal range now place advanced business analytics within reach of SME’s. OLAP (Online analytical processing), dashboards, data mining, data warehousing, and KPI reporting are help SME’s develop a clearer understanding of their key challenges and opportunities and provide the information to manage more effectively.

Nectari (SEI) for Sage 300

Nectari Business Intelligence from Tangerine Software, also known as Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) is an innovative self- service data analysis and reporting solution engineered for ease of use and performance. Nectari’s intuitive User Interface and advanced features facilitate real-time access to enterprise-wide information, quickly and securely.

Nectari is a comprehensive Business Intelligence offering with both an Excel user interface license and a more advanced BI user license. Nectari OLAP cubes, the report distribution module and licensing for multiple data sources helps companies of any size become more productive with their reporting. Nectari will help companies reach more informed positions, faster, in turn supporting improved financial performance. The software is fully adaptive for your smartphone, tablet, or any mobile device, with dedicated apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Alchemex (SI)

Alchemex for SAP Business One is a Business Intelligence application that presents SAP Business One data and data from other open data sources through the familiar and popular Microsoft Excel application views. Alchemex utilises the power of Excel including the use of pivot tables, Excel’s presentation capabilities and formulas to provide companies with an easy to use BI tool. With simple refresh functionality and distribution options Alchemex can be used across your entire organisation to inform staff via live dashboards and via traditional Excel sheets; by creating and delivering comprehensive board packs and by running adhoc reports to highlight anomalies, issues and opportunities

SAP Business One Choices

The SAP Crystal Business Objects Business Intelligence range includes the advanced Business Objects application (SAPBO), Crystal Server, Designer and SAP Crystal Dashboard Designer, applications to meet the business intelligence and reporting needs of both large enterprises and SME’s. SAP Business One includes Crystal Reports designer in its standard framework as well as offering SAP Business One users the option to incorporate Dashboard Designer, Dashboard Viewer and Crystal Server for more advanced SME Business Intelligence. SAP Business One sites can also turn to SAP Lumina or the more advanced reporting and analysis inside SAP Business One for HANA. Existing SAP Business One sites using SAP Business One with Microsoft SQL can also quickly and easily adopt the SAP Business One analytics powered by SAP HANA.

SAP Lumira for Business One is a data visualisation tool that combines data, analyses business trends, and shares valuable business intelligence in an engaging and effective way. SAP Lumira boasts a point and click interface and engaging visualisations, without scripting, allowing companies to quickly analyse data and to remain agile in a fast moving business environment.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is an easy to use Data Visualisation tool that works equally well with all the advanced business software systems supported by CitySoft. There is a FREE Desk top edition or a more advanced Server license edition. The system is really intuitive to use and fast to present different views of your data both graphically and with underlying rows and columns of information.

Business Intelligence for SME’s
Sage X3 Reporting

The advanced business software system – Sage X3 includes a number of brilliant business reporting capabilities in its core license offering such as Crystal Reports (Over 450 predefined reports ready to use), SQL Query, Intuitive, role based and interactive user definable dashboards, data extractor and financial data extractor plus deep integration with Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point that support rapid accurate sharing of corporate data at the push of a button. Sage X3 also supports advanced data visualization and BI tools such as SAP Business Objects, Sage Enterprise Intelligence, Tableau & Qlik Sense. Sage Enterprise Intelligence (Nectari) is the advanced BI tool of choice for Sage X3 Enterprise Management. Originally designed exclusively for Sage X3 Nectari / SEI now competes with market leading BI tools based on an amazing user interface and advanced technologies

Nectari License Description

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) | Nectari is available as a perpetual license purchase or a subscription. The core product consists of a server license with access to one data source, OLAP run time, your first user license and pre-configured Sage X3 templates and then concurrent user licensing. There are two user license types. There is the full SEI / Nectari BI user licence and there is the Excel Add in license. The software is fully adaptive for your smartphone, tablet, or any mobile device, with dedicated apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.

The system options include: Enterprise extension pack 1 that adds the ability to create distribution lists for simple distribution of reports plus access to 3 additional data sources; and Enterprise extension pack 2 that adds the ability for multiple installations (for example production, test and training) unlimited data source access and the OLAP Manager.

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