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CitySoft sell and support a small number of industry leading business intelligence and reporting applications that work with the ERP systems CitySoft represent.

Our team can help with report design, automated report distribution, OLAP and dashboards that drive more informed decision making.

Rich data analytics providing you with insights to make more informed decisions, faster.

CitySoft offers to provide professional reporting and business intelligence services to mid-sized enterprises using Industry leading business intelligence, data visualisation and reporting tools.

Whilst certain business intelligence tools have been designed specifically for an ERP system others are quality business intelligence applications that work with pretty much any open data source such as Microsoft SQL.

Nectari (also known as Sage Enterprise Intelligence SEI), was written for SAGE X3 ERP and as such provides Sage X3 ERP users a huge start by providing as a part of the license modifiable data marts, brilliant templated financial and operational reports. Automated report distribution , OLAP, Mobility and seamless integration into the Sage X3 UI means Nectari is a valuable element of any Sage X3 ERP solution. SEI is now also available to use with Sage 300 and SAP Business One for Microsoft Windows. Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A) is one other Bi tool that is marketed to companies using Sage X3. Like SEI, it’s a powerful best of breed Bi tool.

SAP HANA Analytics are a part of the SAP Business One ERP eco-system providing system users with pervasive reporting and analysis. Users of SAP Business One for Microsoft Windows have plenty of built in reporting and dashboards using SAP Drag & Relate, SQL Query and direct integration with the Microsoft productivity tools. Then there is the Boyum B1Up application that includes some neat dashboarding that extends that which is available in the standard SAP Business One application. When more sophisticated reporting and analysis is required, maybe when there is a need to draw data from multiple data sources companies are often choosing to use SEI (Nectari), Microsoft Power Bi or Qlik Sense to deliver them the power to properly analyse related data from multiple data sources.

Most ERP systems use SAP Crystal Reports in some form. It certainly has its place in modern ERP systems however from an ease-of-use perspective creating new reports & dashboards, system users and report designers typically find using the available market leading Bi tools far easier than Crystal Reports Designer. SAP Crystal Reports Designer is included with every SAP Business One license, and it can be purchased through CitySoft as a part of a Sage X3 or Sage 300 license purchase. The standard SAP Business One, Sage 300 & Sage X3 license include Crystal forms and reports with runtime licensing.

CitySoft also use Microsoft Power Bi & Qlik when clients prefer these applications. The supply of the SEI Server license enables these tools to be more rapidly adopted as they can utilize the supplied data marts saving significant set up and preparation time otherwise required to understand the underlying data structures and relationships.

Business Intelligence for SAP Business One, Sage 300 & Sage X3

A need for better reporting and analysis capabilities is driving the high levels of adoption of new technologies for a significant portion of Australian SMB’s and SME sized companies. Business owners view more advanced Bi and reporting tools as integral to them operating more profitably. With the market leading Bi tools becoming more intuitive & easier to use and more capable of processing larger and more complex data sets system users are finding they can quickly convert data into useful information that drives faster and more accurate decision making. The use of Ai and a more expansive set of graphing and display capabilities mean information can be more easily consumed by system users.
Nectari (SEI) for Sage 300

Nectari Business Intelligence from Tangerine Software, also known as Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) is an innovative self- service data analysis and reporting solution engineered for ease of use and performance. Nectari’s intuitive User Interface and advanced features facilitate real-time access to enterprise-wide information, quickly and securely.

Nectari is a comprehensive Business Intelligence offering with both an Excel user interface license and a more advanced BI user license. Nectari OLAP cubes, the report distribution module and licensing for multiple data sources helps companies of any size become more productive with their reporting. Nectari will help companies reach more informed positions, faster, in turn supporting improved financial performance. The software is fully adaptive for your smartphone, tablet, or any mobile device, with dedicated apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.

SAP Business One Choices
SAP Business One includes a license of Crystal Reports designer in its standard licensing pack as well as including Crystal runtime licensing for all SAP license holders. If using the valuable Boyum B1Up productivity tool for SAP Business One, system users gain access to Boyum Dashboards which extend upon the dashboarding available in standard SAP Business One. SAP Business One for HANA includes advanced Bi capabilities by virtue of the products SAP HANA in memory technology. For users of SAP Business One for Microsoft Windows, companies typically turn towards industry leading Bi tools such as Power Bi, Nectari (SEI) or Qlik.
Qlik Sense
Qlik Sense is an easy-to-use Data Visualisation tool that works with all the advanced business software systems supported by CitySoft. Qlik Sense is marketed as a self-service tool that enables users to easily design reports and dashboards. Qlik Sense is positioned in the marketplace as a user-friendly Bi tool rather than a serious business analytics tool.
Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A)
SD&A can be used by both on-premise and cloud customers of Sage X3. It’s a robust business intelligence and data management platform that equips customers with on-the-go access to their data, saves time and drives better informed business decisions.

The SD&A license includes a full suite of pre-built data models and analytics that are fully customizable sets of data models and analytics. The system delivers users powerful self-service reporting, visualization and dashboarding capabilities that apply across all the major functional areas of Sage X3.

Sage X3 Reporting
The advanced business software system – Sage X3 includes a number of brilliant business reporting capabilities in its core license offering such as Crystal Reports (Over 450 predefined reports ready to use), SQL Query, Intuitive, role based and interactive user definable dashboards, data extractor and financial data extractor plus deep integration with Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point that support rapid accurate sharing of corporate data at the push of a button. Sage X3 also supports advanced data visualization and BI tools such as SAP Business Objects, Sage Enterprise Intelligence, Tableau & Qlik Sense. Sage Enterprise Intelligence (Nectari) is the advanced BI tool of choice for Sage X3 ERP. Originally designed exclusively for Sage X3 Nectari / SEI now competes with market leading BI tools based on an amazing user interface and advanced technologies.
Nectari (Sage Enterprise Intelligence) License Description
The core Nectari (Sage Enterprise Intelligence) (SEI) product consists of a server license with access to one data source, OLAP run time, your first full user license and pre-configured Sage X3 templates. User licensing is concurrent and there are two user license types. There is the full SEI / Nectari BI user licence and there is the Excel Add in license. The full license permits the license holder to create new dashboards and reports whereas the Excel user license is designed for system users who only need to run prepared templates / reports and to view preconfigured Dashboard. The software is fully adaptive for your smartphone, tablet, or any mobile device. The system options includes: Enterprise extension packs for automated report distribution, expanded OLAP capabilities multiple installations (for example production, test and training), and unlimited data source access. Nectari Bi is a true Enterprise Bi application and a best-in-class product option.

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