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Become an efficient and lean food & beverage company with the missing ingredient – a tailored software solution. We tailor design a solution system for you dependent on your businesses unique size and forecasted growth.

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BatchMaster for SAP Business One

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Forward/backward lot traceability


Comprehensive quality control features


Track allergens in raw materials & finished goods


Catch weight and recipe organisation

BatchMaster for SAP Business One

CitySoft is helping food and beverage process manufacturers deal with a wide variety of challenges such as; wastage, by-products, co-products, MRP, MPS, warehousing, catch weight, GS-1 barcodes, SSCC labels, QC, CMMS, recipes, proof of delivery, EDI, run management, exporting, CRM and accounting all in an integrated and affordable system. 


Industries that BatchMaster for SAP Business One solution will satisfy include:

  • Commercial bakeries
  • Contract manufacturers
  • Beverage manufacturers (carbonated, alcoholic, sports and fruit juices)
  • Wholesale fresh and frozen meat, fish and poultry suppliers
  • Manufacturers of chilled prepared meals, sauces & dips
  • Manufacturers of dairy products
  • General Food manufacturers

SAP Business One is a cost effective all in one advanced business software system for businesses in start-up mode through to mature and growing small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s) looking to expand profitably. Multiple licensing and deployment options make SAP Business One an affordable system for all start-ups and established SMB’s, and with the inclusion of BatchMaster or Boyum BEAS for SAP Business One in their SAP ecosystem solution, process manufacturers can in the one integrated system, manage accounting, distribution and procurement whilst also managing the typical legislative and compliance matters facing process manufacturers.

Some process manufacturing specific matters dealt with CitySoft include: 


First Expired First Out FEFO

CitySoft provide F&B producers solutions that manage first expire first out stock management and in store best before parameterisation, to ensure supply of goods that meet the customers’ requirements on days to expire / stock shelf life


Traceability & Recall

Strong batch and lot tracking of raw and finished goods permits manufacturers to quickly identify who to contact in the case of a recall. The built in CRM funcitonality supports a rapid response electronically and by phone and allows non-conforming raw and finished goods to be quarantined. 


Nutritional Information Panels NIPS

BatchMaster for SAP Business One supports the production of a nutritional information panel. The system also produces a certificate of analysis (CoA)



Producers of beverages using BatchMaster for SAP Business One system can manage multiple units of measure relating to fluids such as silo’s, tanks and litres. The system can calculate excise duty. 


Fast Sales Order Entry

Sap Business One provides SME’s a fast and comprehensive order entry system and an easy to follow CRM system, that makes it cimple for users to process inbound orders and work through outbound call lists. 


Mobility, Proof of Delivery & Route Management

The SAP mobile App provides sales and delivery people access to the right customer, sales and account information to efficiently and effectively sell and service clients. The Ric Group POD and Produmex’s route management module for SAP e provide sign on glass and simple yet effective route management to help companies track, monitor and manage transport costs.

Sage X3 

Sage X3 provides mid-sized enterprises industry specific software solutions across the food and beverage manufacturing sector. The flexibility of the system allows for business management of the many and varied industry requirements, across every business process including manufacturing, procurement, accounting, asset management and sales & distribution in a single unified manner.


Some of the F&B Industry segments include:

All In One Suite

Sage X3 ERP, as an all in one suite, offers mid-sized enterprises, who have advanced business management information needs, who operate in the food and beverage manufacturing sector, a system that addresses the various F&B process manufacturing business information challenges. This includes challenges such as; trading electronically with majors (EDI), single and multi-site warehousing (RF warehousing), including management of lots, batches, FEFO, GS1 – 128 & SSCC labels, recipes, revisions, weigh scale integration, packaging, wet and dry goods management, and matters concerning compliance, food labelling, traceability, wastage, by-products, supplier contracts and quality control management.

Best Of Breed

The various Sage X3 ERP core system extensions provide best of breed functionality, used by leaders across the F&B industry such as Yoplait, Nestle’s Group, & Kronenbourg Brewery (Carlsberg). The Advanced Product life cycle management product (Lascom PLM), is a specialist PLM product that structures, manages, and audits product information and processes from inception through to commercialization, including managing R&D, documents, quality, compliance, carbon footprint and supplier collaborations.

The Sage X3 enterprise business management system can be extended by including the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) production management tool from Osys. The MES connector provides real time management of production performance helping management control and analyse real time data from your production facility especially useful when comparing actual production against your Sage X3 budgeted data. The MES software system helps companies better manage costs and improve productivity by optimizing the use of your production equipment and resources (work centres, machines and operators). It helps improve traceability of materials, equipment and resources and with the optional inclusion of Osys Quartis workshop equipment you have a complete MES solution.

DIMO Computerised Maintenance Management System

Unscheduled down time due to production equipment failure can be extremely detrimental to a companies reputation and ability to satisfy customer deadlines. Proper equipment maintenance can extend the economic life of your plant and equipment, and can help limit the costs associated with unscheduled down time. The Sage X3 system can be expanded to include DIMO computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software to manage the scheduled maintenance of your plant and equipment including management of spare parts, equipment history, people resources and compliance.

The inclusion of Mapadoc EDI templates and SPS commerce to Sage X3 ERP, provides F&B manufacturers a complete EDI system, and by adding Datalinx WMS to the standard Sage X3 warehouse management system, F&B manufacturers have at their disposal an advanced RF WMS system that manages GS1-128 and SSCC labels, pallets, containers and license plates.

Sage X3 includes the depth and spread of functionality, mid-sized enterprises typically require, plus the technology to support mid-sized enterprises. The system is designed for enterprises who operate multiple plants, sites and entities and who may operate across multiple countries. The technology is Web native and supports up to and around 2,000 concurrent users with the average client site 55 system users. Companies using the system benefit from this extensive functionality and technology, and the opportunity to connect with these various best of breed system extensions.

Sage X3 & HACCP

The Sage X3 quality control (QC) functionality assists companies meet their HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points obligations. HACCP is mandated in various markets such as the USA where meat, fish and beverage manufacturers must comply with HACCP rules whilst other markets expect compliance with HACCP guidelines and obligations.

Read the full scope of HACCP with Sage X3 and the Seven Principles of HACCP.

Built for F&B Process Manufacturing

Procession is a certified Sage X3 solution for process manufacturers, covering Research and Development, Quality Management, Safety and Handling, Customer Service, Production and Distribution.

The solution adds further functionality to Sage X3, allowing for product recalls when necessary, farm to fork transparency, lot traceability and allergen tracking. Procession with Sage X3 is a complete solution for food and beverage manufacturers.

Procession: A robust business management solution for food & beverage manufacturers. 

Process manufacturers and F&B and Chemical distributors face unique challenges and require tools that simplify these challenges, while allowing businesses to grow. Procession is designed to meet these challenges, helping to navigate the regulatory landscape while providing tools that aide in product development, environmental health and safety reporting, sample tracking, manufacturing, distribution and quality management. Procession is a suite of modules designed exclusively for Sage X3, using the Sage toolkit. Procession is a premium Sage certified solution that takes Sage X3 to the next level, providing a greater return on your investment in a shorter amount of time

Lascom Product Lifecycle Management

Lascom PLM software is designed to help enterprises who develop, design, manufacture, or market food and beverage products. It better manages the many and varied aspects associated with taking a product concept through to commercialisation.

Lascom Lime will help you comply with local and global regulations regarding tracking & labelling. As a Web-native Cloud product lifecycle software, it will help you speed up your product launch times, while also assisting you to successfully enter new markets. Lascom Lime collects and manages data concerning a product’s recipes, packaging and compliance requirements, leading to more streamlined new product development processes. Lascom will help you respond faster to rapidly changing consumer tastes.

Faster and lower-cost responses to changing industry conditions and buyer preferences will help you better defend and grow your market share against competitors.

Lascom Lime PLM helps you optimise your internal processes by converting information into data that can be properly analysed and utilised with far greater certainty over data accuracy and decision making.

Over 90% of new products in the F&B space fail. Lascom Lime increases your success rate when launching new products. Lascom helps determine accurate product costing information that in turn supports price point decisions and likely market share matters that influence the viability of a new products success and contribution.

Food & Beverage segments where Lascom PLM software suits, includes; producers of pet foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such beer and cider and fruit, dairy, sport, soft drink, manufacturers of convenience foods, prepared fresh and frozen meals, TV dinner, health foods, desserts, chocolates, soups and snack foods.

Product Lifecycle Management Made Simple

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“Our goal of a single, reliable, and secure source of product information that we can all tap into has been achieved. We’re very happy with the support we received from Lascom to make this project a success.”

Raj Gandhi,
Operations Accounting
at Bolthouse Farms Campbell’s Soup.

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