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HR3pay is a powerful payroll and HR system suitable for mid-sized Australian businesses. HR3pay has the flexibility to meet the most demanding payroll needs of mid-sized business. As a  single solution to manage your people HR3pay is a cost effective payroll solution suitable for most industries. HR3pay is a true multi-user system offering mid-sized businesses access to advanced HR, OHS, as well as self-service kiosks and reporting.

Its general ledger and project job cost interface capabilities make it ideal for organisations that capture labour costs at a project or job level. HR3 payroll includes an award winning and powerful report writer for custom reporting, which is essential for mid-sized business looking to build a greater understanding of their workforce. Out of the box HR3 payroll also includes over 250 preconfigured payroll reports.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

With mid-sized businesses constantly searching for greater productivity, HR3pay automates many time-consuming tasks. With HR3pay, tasks such as pay slips can be automatically emailed, and superannuation payments can be made electronically. HR3pay also electronically links to general ledger, interfaces to time and attendance, as well as rostering systems. HR3pay also includes HRM and OHS modules, to complete the HR management process.

HR3pay ships with a standard GLI (General Ledger Interface) to Sage Enterprise Management, which means all of your payroll ledger information is electronically transferred to your ERP system. This reduces data entry errors and improves the speed of data exchange.

Easy Integration With Sage X3

HR3pay is a powerful payroll and HR system suitable for small, medium and large enterprises. It has the flexibility to meet the most demanding payroll needs whilst the lite version provides businesses with less sophisticated payroll requirements, a quality payroll system where OHS, HR and self-service system functionality aren’t required.

HR3pay ships with a standard GLI (General Ledger Interface) to Sage  X3. This allows all of your payroll ledger information to be electronically transferred to your ERP system, reducing data entry errors and improving the timeliness of data exchange.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Sage Enterprise Intelligence’s simple and intuitive diagnostic and analysis tools help your people focus attention on the important events affecting your SMB.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence can help you improve business outcomes such as improved supply chain performance, resolution of quality issues, and the creation of a faster, larger and more reliable sales pipeline. Sage Enterprise Intelligence has been designed to integrate with Sage 300 solution, as well as other open data sources.

Report Manager

The Report Manager allows you to author new reports (organizing, creating, editing), as well as filter and aggregate data. This tool also allows you to set permissions and security for reports.

Report Viewer

This tool provides you with basic editing capabilities (filtering and changing of parameters) and drill-down functionality on existing reports/templates. You can provide Report Viewer licenses to staff members who do not need to create new reports.

Report Designer

The Report Designer expands upon the functionality of the Report Manager to provide simplified “drag and drop” report creation capabilities.
The Report Designer Add-In allows users to break down a report into reusable pieces and then control where and how these pieces fit together to create a report.

Connector Module

The Connector Module further simplifies financial managers’ day-to-day operational tasks, allowing access to the information they need from multiple sources and consolidation of data from multiple companies. The Connector Module allows for consolidations and connectivity to unlimited ODBC data sources.

OLAP Module

Support business strategy and decision making through advanced analysis of trends and what-if scenarios. The Analysis Module lets you utilize built-in Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables to get insight into information that goes beyond transactional data. Use the Analysis Module to create OLAP cubes, which enable multidimensional analysis of your data.


ACCU-DART is a real-time radio frequency, bar code solution designed to leverage the power of your Sage 300 system by providing the warehouse or shop floor with wireless technology. By making use of radio frequency terminals, data entry and the resulting paperwork are greatly reduced. Data accuracy improves resulting in accurate inventory counts, accelerated inventory turns, less shipping errors and improved customer satisfaction.

Sage eCommerce (Commerce Build)

Commerce Build now comprises of XM OXygen and Symphony. It’s an e-commerce application designed for Sage 300, which enables real-time, two-way integration between the Internet and a businesses back office operations. Users can deploy Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) e-commerce stores. Commerce Build can also be used to enable Call Centre and Remote Sales Representatives to place orders and view account/order activity on behalf of a customer.

An e-commerce solution designed to utilise Sage 300 data

Real-time integration to Sage 300 eliminates the need to manage e-commerce stores data separately from Sage 300. XM Oxygen uses data as it has been set up in Sage 300 to display items and prices, to calculate taxes and currency conversions and to display customer order/shipment and transaction history. This reduces the cost of managing your e-commerce solutions and helps keep operational costs substantially lower than traditional stand-alone e-commerce stores implementations.

Visibility for your customers

With Commerce Build customers can access real-time updates on order-status, quote status, shipment status, quantity on hand, quantity on purchase order, and transaction history, improving customer loyalty and improving repeat purchasing.

Encourage customers to update contact details

With Commerce Build customers can update their Sage 300 account details. Businesses can improve customer service by enabling these types of self service and reporting capabilities for their customers.

Altec DocLink

Doc-linkTM electronically captures documents; streamlines business processes using workflow; automates routing and distribution of all printed documents, reports and forms; and provides instant retrieval from the desktop and web.

With doc-link, you can go paperless by implementing in any department and for any process. This allows your business to be more cost-efficient, time-efficient, productive, green-friendly and organised.

Auto Simply

AutoSimply is a Sage 300 companion product for discrete manufacturing companies. The suite of modules includes functionality to manage Manufacturing Orders, Production Planning, Production scheduling and materials requirement module, lot/serial tracking and shop floor control capabilities.

Iciniti eCommerce

eCommerce for Sage 300 is a fully integrated and customizable eCommerce solution that enables organizations of all sizes to implement a comprehensive end-to-end Web store creation and management solution with Sage 300.

Norming Asset Management

Asset accounting module for Sage 300 with extensions to the Asset Accounting module to manage Asset Maintenance, Asset Leasing and Asset Tracking.

Modulo Productivity Tool

A nifty Tasmanian development company with a track record of producing useful extension modules for Sage 300, Modulo is famous for the eImage, OCR-pac and Barcoder modules. They help automate a number of business processes especially around purchasing, purchase receipting and accounts payable invoice entry saving loads of time entering data, filing paper work and later finding information.

Pacific Technology Solution

Based in New Zealand the Steele brothers have been creating excellent extension modules for Sage 300 for an extended period of time including purchasing, funds availability, Web purchase requisitions, commitment accounting, workflow modules and a tidy audit tracking module. There is an on premise and a hosted solution of the software and with project job cost integration PTS modules work extremely well in the scientific research sector, not for profit sector especially around acquittal reporting and where organizations have a large number of people who need to raise purchase requests. They also produce an excellent vendor catalogue module.

Alerts & Workflows for Sage by Vineyardsoft

A powerful application for Sage 300 allowing business owners and managers to monitor their business -things that happen, things that don’t take place and actions that need to take place. Create alerts and workflows on every aspect of your business using this module.

Technisoft Service Manager

A best of breed service management solution designed for Sage 300 and Sage CRM. The suite includes modules for advanced scheduling, preventative maintenance, mobility, employee and customer web portal access, and purchase order and serialized inventory management. Built using the Sage 300 software development kit Technisoft Service Manager provides enterprises involved in servicing equipment a complete ERP solution. With the flexibility to manage job and project and do and charge billing Technisoft Service Manager will also manage resources, inventory, spare parts and consumables as well as managing contracts, warrantees, recurring billing and service history. The advanced maintenance module is suited to service organizations who deliver services based on a schedule or agreed frequency, conditional maintenance triggered by certain criteria such as dates and meter reads, or Interval maintenance which is based on certain predefined intervals.

The Service Manager Employee Web Portal allows “your” employees to access your accounting and management systems online using a web browser. This saves time, is convenient, and in some situations reduces the cost of expensive licensing fees. Most importantly, access to your data can be from anywhere in the world, day or night. With the option to access Service Manager through the Sage CRM user interface system users can take advantage of the extensive CRM versatility including resource scheduling, access to financial information, documents and marketing capabilities.

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