Cosmetics & Personal Care

Lascom Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software handles all phases of a products inception, formulation, packaging and sales.

Cosmetic PLM Software with more than 80,000 users in 30+ countries.

Marketers of Luxury goods, beauty brands and private labels know how important it is to manage each step of a product’s lifecycle. Lascom (PLM) software is helping enterprises cost-effectively and efficiently progress from product concept to commercialisation.

PLM is a single data source of truth for marketing and product sourcing information, as well as; regulatory compliance, go-to-market, R&D formulations, packaging, product validation and quality control processes and data. The software manages compliance and packaging which becomes particularly important for companies who sell their products internationally. Lascom will help you respond faster to emerging threats and opportunities and changing consumer preferences. It brings together each department who plays a part in bringing a product to market or those departments responsible for relaunching an existing product.

Lascom Lime variously manages artwork and packaging including collaboration with suppliers and agencies. It integrates with the INCI database and helps R&D departments with formulations, change management and maintaining detailed product specifications. Lascom assists with the RFQ and RFP process including the ability for suppliers to connect via a supplier web portal.

Your quality team can produce Safety data sheets (SDS’s), manage non-conformity, complaints and analyse samples in Lascom. Cosmetic PLM software also handles compliance matters including labelling, substance screening and certification plus cosmetovigilance. Lascom can run independent of your ERP system or it can connect via the Lascom ERP connector.



Streamline product development

Simplify formulation

Centralise product data



Reduce time-to-market

Optimise offers’ production

Control product portfolio



Facilitate supplier’s collaboration

RFP Management

Reduce administrative tasks



Ensure regulatory compliance

Optimise quality tracking, product testing and cosmetovigilance, claims

Product Lifecycle Management Made Simple

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Content Features:

  • Coprehensive module to drive innovation
  • Centralise packaging specifications
  • Unleash creativity
  • Supplier management
  • PIF and CPNP
  • Cosmetovigilance

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