Process Manufacturing

CitySoft offer several specialist process manufacturing solutions built for either the SAP Business One or Sage X3 ERP systems. The systems are designed for businesses who manufacture based on a recipe or formula. The scalable solutions suit multiple manufacturing models including contract manufacturing



BEAS Manufacturing

Beas Manufacturing for SAP Business One is the most trusted global manufacturing software solution for small to mid-sized discrete and process manufacturing businesses


Sage X3

Achieve 75% faster process cycle time & 57% faster inventory turns in your process manufacturing business


BatchMaster for SAP Business One

See 41% more ROI when IT & business jointly plan and manage the portfolio



Procession is a fully integrated solution that runs seamlessly within Sage X3 and on all platforms supported by Sage X3.

Purpose built business software for food & beverage,
life sciences, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and chemical manufacturers

CitySoft sell and support three specialized advanced business software systems for Process Manufacturing companies. The first system is Sage X3 with or without the product extension Procession. Procession enhances Sage X3’s core quality control, R&D, & regulatory functions particularly for enterprises operating in the food and beverage and chemical industries. The two offerings based on the SAP Business One ERP platform are BEAS for SAP Business One by Boyum and BatchMaster for SAP Business One. All three systems are designed specifically for process manufacturing enterprises. Each system provides companies with a comprehensive end to end business system solution with various product features & capabilities helping determine which product best fits each company’s business needs.


Recipes & Formulas

Purpose built Process Manufacturing systems like BatchMaster for SAP Business One and Sage X3 ERP Enterprise Management manage recipes and formulas as a unique entity and not simply as a component of a bill of material. This treatment better deals with compliance, revisions, allergens and super batches that produce multiple end products plus it simplifies the accounting aspects of costing production and products. Procession for Sage X3 Enterprise Management by Provenio adds an additional layer of system specialization for small to medium sized manufacturers of chemical products such as detergents, cleaning products, and adhesives covering GHS, logistics goods handling and hazardous materials ratings.


Material Requirement Planning & Master Production Scheduling

The ERP systems for process manufacturers sold and supported by CitySoft provide companies the ability to best manage raw, intermediate, and packaging inventory to ensure optimal production outcomes and tight cost control. Advanced purchasing tied to a companies master production schedule, lead times, EOQ’s and other measures provides guidance on what to buy, how much to buy and from whom to buy and importantly when to buy inventory. System management of make to stock and manufacture to order, use by, best before lots and batches helps drive the timely release of production orders. Accurate pick for production instructions accounts for known raw material quantities to achieve a target finished goods output. Flexible scheduling capabilities and work-centre management capabilities improves production through-put by reducing machine preparation (washdown & set up) times predominately around allergens and colours. Multiple production horizons support short, medium and longer term views of production.


Smart Machines & Integrations

The ERP systems for process manufacturers sold and supported by CitySoft utilise modern Web technologies that enable seamless exchanges of data between smart machines and the ERP system. Timely data exchanges supports faster and more informed management decision making. Popular ERP integrations include Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), and EDI. Unlike most of the entry level accounting systems with add on manufacturing products purporting to be end to end ERP systems for manufacturers the systems sold and supported by CitySoft do not rely on old fashion data importing and exporting routines to move data between systems. CitySoft utilise Web Services, API’s and GraphQL technologies to create secure, automated integrations.

BEAS Manufacturing

Beas Manufacturing uses a new and advanced production module with features designed to cover different industry types and requirements. Click the button below to find out more. 

Sage X3 for Process Manufacturers 

Sage X3 ERP is an all-in-one process manufacturing ERP system. The multi-company single database structure of Sage X3 often appeals to enterprises who operate across multiple geographical regions and who may operate a centralized production facility for their Group. The true Web native technology upon which Sage X3 is built also appeals to enterprises with multiple offices, plants, and warehouses in one or multiple countries. The standard Sage X3 license includes quality control, master product scheduling, material requirement management, electronic approvals, alerts and workflows and lot management. There are purpose-built platform extensions for Sage X3 that offer advanced RF paperless warehousing and advanced document management capabilities that support system compliance with the USA’s FDA electronic system requirements.


Multiple Manufacturing Modes

BatchMaster for SAP Business One and Sage X3 Enterprise Management are designed to assist make to stock, make to order or contract manufacturers.



BatchMaster for SAP Business One and Sage X3 ERP Enterprise Management both support backward and forward traceability. Both systems support compliance with local regulatory requirements; offer quality control management (QC) processes, and supply chain optimisation features including inclusion of sub-contractors.


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

CitySoft sell and support Lascom a Product Life cycle Management system that works with both SAP and Sage X3 to help manufacturers manage products from concept to new product commercialisation right the way through to product end of life and everything in between.


Optimising The Supply Chain

Both Sage X3 Enterprise Management and BatchMaster for SAP Business One offer advanced warehousing software for paperless wireless mobile warehouse management of raw, intermediate and finished goods. The systems provide full bar-coding and scanning capabilities using the BatchMaster WMS suite or Sage X3 Enterprise Management automated data collection (ADC) licenses or the Datalinx warehouse manager extension for Sage Enterprise Management.

The system support weigh scale integration, and GS1 and SSCC bar-codes labels. The systems also support integrated EDI trade.


Manufacturing Execution systems (MES)

Both Sage X3 ERP and BatchMaster for SAP Business One work with various process manufacturing MES systems for streamlined real time production and “ERP” data exchanges.

BatchMaster Process Manufacturing for SAP Business One 

BatchMaster Software has helped process manufacturers worldwide streamline their production and bring their products to market faster while reducing costs and complying with customer, industry, and federal regulatory requirements. Our professional services team helps customers identify their business and manufacturing objectives and requirements, and configure their delivered solution to meet these requirements. Further solution offerings include your choice of GUI, role-based dashboards, new configuration wizards, extended QA, FDA Validation Kit, adverse events reporting, scale integrations, HANA in-memory capability, and other productivity features.


Effortlessly meet changing customer demands and ever stringent industry regulatory mandates.


Streamline processes to quickly scale batch production and bring products to market faster.


Aggregate, consolidate and optimize production and purchasing processes to reduce costs.


Gain a granular view of accurate, real-time manufacturing data, then make more informed decisions, faster.


Deploy as either an on-premise or cloud hosted solution, which we can offer through NetCloud.

Product Features

  • Sales & Formulation
  • Quality
  • Inventory
  • Packaging BOM
  • Traceability & Compliance
  • Planning & Schedulling
  • Batch Production
  • Product Costing
  • Mobile / Warehousing 


The Sage X3 Solution for Process Manufacturers and Food & Beverage Distributors

Process Manufacturers must remain agile, by quickly adapting to the ever-changing regulatory landscape while maintaining the company-wide efficiencies that allow their businesses to take on new opportunities. Procession was designed by Process Manufacturers for Process Manufacturers. Whether your company is in the Food & Beverage, Chemical, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical or Nutraceutical/Supplement Industries’, Procession’s functionality increases efficiencies, reducing the amount of time required to manage and analyze operation-critical data, while providing greater communication between departments. Procession also allows for easy generation of customer-facing documents such as Certificate of Analysis, Bills of Lading, Safety Data Sheets and GHS-compliant labels.

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