Development Services

Tailor fit developments for your unique business needs

Sage X3 and SAP Business One are development platforms that permit the creation of applications using the vendors platform tools, to extend the core application software.

Sage X3

Sage X3 licensing ships with two free developer licenses, and the full system schema so you can develop applications using the Sage development tools on the Sage X3 SAFE platform.

Sage make a set of Sage X3 activity codes available to clients and business partners who wish to further tailor Sage X3, to meet particular business needs.  The Sage X3 activity codes are a clever way to protect the core system, so companies using Sage X3 can create custom products without isolating themselves from access to the standard Sage X3 upgrades.

Sage X3 uses standard web technologies such as jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 and as such supports multiple browsers and operates and is optimized for mobile devices. Its search engine is Lucene, an open source, scalable, cloud enabled technology. The web server technology is Node JS an open source, standard cloud-enabled, very fast and scalable technology. Sage X3 uses Mongo DB as its document database, again an open source, standard, cloud enabled scalable document database.

Some of the developments CitySoft has been involved in include:

  • CitySoft created the Malaysia Legislation pack for Sage X3 so Sage X3 can be sold in Malaysia
  • A Travel system integration with Sage X3
  • A B2B portal for the commercial printing industry
  • An MES weigh scale integration – Food & Beverage
  • EDI integration Sage X3-Mapadoc
  • SAP Concur integration to Sage X3

SAP Business One

SAP Business One has evolved from being an application into a development platform. As a result, a community of independent development companies have created extension and enhancement products for SAP Business One. Similarly, CitySoft have used the SAP Business One service layer and development platform – B1if to automate, integrate and accommodate specific business information needs of our clients.

B1if is SAP Business One’s platform for integration and collaboration. It integrates business partners, employees and system environments and unifies business processes. B1if is the strategy for SAP Business One, to evolve from a business application to a business platform.

Essentially B1if enables SAP Business One to publish/send data to external parties, and it allows SAP Business One to consume/access data from external sources. B1if key aspects enable operational efficiencies by offering standardised and automated operations. This leads to faster implementations, easier customisations and extendibility and a lower TCO, as B1if follows established integration standards (XML, XSLT, HTTP).

Out of the box the software offers more than 40 web services to be called by a mobile device. There are generic services called from SAP Business One to administer, authenticate, cache and launch any SAP Crystal Dashboard and other out of the box scenario such as automated RFQ Internet value write back to SAP Business One.

The SAP Business One Server components consist of an integration framework, a SAP Business One DI Proxy and event sender. The SDK, Integration framework and service layer (Interface for SAP HANA Apps) supports system extensibility, mobility and robust integration and collaboration with SAP Business networks such as SAP Ariba, Concur, SAP Customer checkout, and the 500+ SAP Business One extensions and industry solutions. It also supports advanced analytics and reporting, and efficient business processes including data exchanges between SAP business One and SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA and associated 3rd party systems.

The SAP solution stack also supports on premise and cloud deployments.

Some of the developments CitySoft has been involved in include:

  • A Meat industry MES integration with Trident
  • A Direct customer – supplier EDI solution (No VAN)
  • A quality control App for a food producer 
  • Creation of a SAP Business One MES for a primary producer – management of hatchlings and egg production
  • Magento – SAP Business One eCommerce integration