Cyber Security


CitySoft Enterprise Cloud Services

CECS are providing CitySoft Cloud clients and clients with on-site infrastructure, security advice and systems to defend against cyber-attacks.


Cloud Infrastructure

Our Cloud infrastructure sits behind a clustered firewall pool with virtual instances of the servers running on Raid 10 SSD flash storage.


IT service engineers

Our IT service engineers are also providing maintenance, security and back-up solutions to clients operating on-premise servers.

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Owners and managers of small to medium sized businesses and enterprises are rapidly learning about the true nature of cyber-crime.

Unfortunately, many businesses are learning the hard way, that is, they learn as a result of an attack on their business that at best disrupts their business and at worst puts them out of business. The attitude of why would anyone be interested in attacking my business is rapidly changing to a position of what do we need to do to reduce our chances of being attacked. Make no mistake, ransomware attacks, brute force attacks, and crypto-virus extortion are

commonplace and sophisticated, with the victims typically companies who have failed to implement measures to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a cyber-attack.

Cyber criminals will find businesses with weak security policies and protocols making it an imperative that businesses introduce a suite of security measures to protect their information and to reduce the risk of business disruption as a result of an attack. Even where security measures exist to deny brute force attacks, for instance persistent brute force attacks will consume server resources degrading user experience and system speed causing business disruption.

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Critical Security Measures

Critical security measures include ensuring you have a properly configured firewall with egress and ingress traffic policies, with secured IPSec VPN connections. Reverse proxy, published Apps, and published Remote Desktop Services with double-layered authentication mechanism with Remote Gateway Services, in preference to remote desktop connections, also provide you with a heightened level of security to deter cyber criminals.



Group policy imposed complex passwords with 8 to 10 characters and web-based award-winning virus protection software will help shield your servers from attacks, with minimal CPU overload but with maximum protection against malware, viruses, root kit, Trojan, and ransomware infections.


Backup Solutions

CitySoft recommends clients run their servers behind a clustered firewall pool and use the latest industry leading virtualization platform with properly configured and customizable backup solutions. Backup solutions that provide cutting-edge “boot from the latest backup image”, should there be a system failure, can be brought back to business with an RTO of around 10 to 15 minutes. When maximum up-time is a must, a back-up strategy such as this is a business imperative.

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