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CitySoft are Cloud hosting partners for SAP Business OneSage 300 and Sage X3 advanced business software. Our Cloud services expertise coupled with our deep understanding of these ERP systems leads to optimized system performance & user experience and a tailored service offering.


SAP Business One for Cloud Deployment

CitySoft also provide SAP Business One (For Microsoft Windows & SQL or HANA) as a partner Cloud deployed service using either our own infrastructure housed at Ominconnect Data Centre, a leading Tier 3 boutique Data Centre provider or at Azure or AWS Data Centres depending on each of our clients particular Cloud hosting requirements.


Sage X3 Cloud

Designed and developed as a Web native application Sage X3 can be accessed anywhere anytime by authorised users with any mobile device capable of running a browser – pretty much any browser.

CitySoft teams up with Sage to offer Sage X3 as either a vendor or a partner cloud service. Sage have partnered with Azure and AWS Data Centres in offering Sage X3 as a Service. The all in one Sage X3 subscription licensing costs consist of a monthly platform fee and per user pricing per month. With various license types and a concurrent licensing model, Sage X3 can be delivered to a broad set of system users cost effectively.

The key points of difference between Sage and other suppliers of advanced business software on either a vendor or partner cloud service reside with contract fee renewal certainty and database ownership. Sage contract client data ownership rights and importantly cap contract renewal rates so Sage clients have certainty over their cost of ownership.

Managed Operations and Co -Locations


For many small to medium sized businesses moving their ERP system to the cloud stands to cut  their IT costs, relieve staff from IT duties that they may not be adequately skilled in and stands to improve system performance & up time. However, what if you have already made an investment in server hardware?


CitySoft Enterprise Cloud Services offers to move your Server infrastructure to our Data Centre partners Data Centre where CitySoft offer to provide you with IT management services. Also known as a co-location arrangement, CitySoft Enterprise Cloud Services will provide you with 24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure and importantly will enable you to harvest your investment in IT Server equipment to end of life. At server end of life it’s an easy move to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service or server replacement and continued managed services under a co-location arrangement.


Sage 300 for Cloud Deployment

CitySoft are the experts in helping companies run Sage 300 in the Cloud. We specialise in taking a companies on premise deployment of Sage 300 and moving it to the Cloud.

We also help companies introduce Sage 300 in the Cloud as a brand new system deployment. With decades of expertise working with Sage 300 we know exactly how to size Cloud infrastructure and services so your user experience with Sage 300 in the Cloud is optimised.

We also offer white-labelled Cloud services to Sage business partners wanting to provide their clients with Cloud hosting services.

The benefits of locating your Sage 300 system on CitySoft’s Cloud include your release from responsibility for security, platform and database updates, nightly back-ups and server maintenance. The flexibility of accessing Sage 300 on mobile device and multiple device, with ease, are also often quoted benefits clients raise with CitySoft.

CitySoft Unique Offering
  • We utilise industry leading anti-virus software and firewall infrastructure to keep your data secure.
  • We manage your data back-ups & offer business continuity services.
  • We monitor the Cloud service 24/7 for client peace of mind that if any platform or database issues arises we’re onto them straight away.
  • We host core Sage 300 modules and most Sage 300 ISV add on products.
  • Optional periodic system penetration testing.
  • We are product certified VEEAM and VMWare partners.
  • We are suppliers of Office 365.

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