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Software Solutions for Australian SME’s in the Technical Services Industry

Field Service Management Systems

CitySoft sells and supports two best of breed field service management (FSM) applications and a best of suite FSM as a part of the core Sage X3 ERP system.
SAP Coresystems is a brilliant FSM application which works with multiple SAP ERP systems including SAP Business One. Coresystems is a Cloud SaaS application supplied with a connector to SAP ERP systems which ensures two-way data exchange between field service staff and their back-office SAP system. Technisoft Service Manager is exclusively designed for Sage 300 ERP and Sage X3 ERP includes equipment “install base” management as a part of its core license.

CoreSystems Field Service Software

CitySoft is not unfamiliar with CoreSystems software having previously sold early versions of Coresystems time capture software and the Coresystems eCommerce software – ePages a B2B and B2C eCommerce solution for SAP Business One. Coresystems field service software utilises the power of  SAP Business One to deliver providers of technical field services a complete end to end business system.

  • Resource & route planner
  • Time & expense tracking
  • Material Management
  • Checklists

Industry Leader's

As an industry leader it is built with modern Web technologies, and works on mobile devices freeing companies to deliver services, record and access information productively, efficiently and profitably. The system includes a whole host of reports, feedback, enquiries and assessments to streamline on-going customer service and equipment maintenance. Your resource planner can drag and drop service orders whilst creating optimal service call routes. It also manages scheduling of a field services team across Adhoc and scheduled appointments.  A cloud based system, Coresystems is available on and off line on mobile devices, to help capture project or job times and travel, check past equipment service history whilst also obtaining sign on glass client acceptance of job completion.

Coresystems Connect allows you to create a branded customer portal where your customers can initiate a service request, on line, 24/7. Tag your equipment with a QR code and more identifiers if you choose such as RFID, NFC, BLE or iBeacon so your customers can simply scan their device to initiate a service request. The generated service request in Coresystems will provide your service manager with contextual information such as service history, customer ID details and equipment status streamlining the entire request to service delivery chain.

Technisoft Service Manager

Typical Challenges for Technical Service Businesses

Owners and service managers of technical services businesses often express frustrations around a lack of control and visibility over:

  • Resource Scheduling
  • Spare Parts
  • Return Authorisation Management
  • Warrantees & Maintenance Contracts
  • Client confirmation of work carried out
  • Time billing
  • Unproductive work
  • Cost of servicing each client
Industry Leaders

Informative dashboards provide managers with operational statistical and financial information that supports informed decision making. Technisoft Service Manager also enables both tracking of projects and jobs, from a labour and materials basis and tracking of company owned assets. Customer equipment can be tracked by serial number and site simplifying servicing of equipment that changes hands.

Collecting payment on delivered services can be challenging at the best of times however with Technisoft Service Manager your field staff can obtain sign on glass confirmation of work leading to streamlined billing and account management. Of course the automated creation of invoices based on billable service activities or contracts is a must when seeking to drive operational efficiencies. Technisoft supports automated billing, on billing cycles, and manages coverage on contracts for labour and or parts. It also supports warranty and commissioning periods. 

Sage Integration

The Technisoft Service Manager suite for Sage 300 is a tier 3 ERP system designed for small to medium sized enterprises. Sage 300 accounting, inventory, purchasing, sales and banking and financials when combined with Technisoft’s Service Management modules creates a best of breed modular system offering deep and advanced business functionality for technical services companies.

The system offers the option for integrated best of breed Sage CRM, preventative maintenance, an employee Web portal, and customer portal and advanced scheduling as well as mobile PDA Web access for field staff and comprehensive integration with Sage inventory, purchasing, accounts payable and receivables, general ledger and payroll.

The Technisoft Service Manager suite for Sage 300 empowers field staff by providing Web device access to equipment history, customer account details, and stock information, Microsoft Outlook integration and Goggle Map travel directions. The CRM application rounds out the Sage 300 solution by adding deeper geographic, demographic and psychographic data capture to help deliver more targeted service and support whilst supporting business development efforts.

Technisoft helps service managers assign staff to jobs, reassign staff where jobs go longer than anticipated or when staff call in sick. Simple drag and drop and informative data via hover or right click helps managers make informed decisions on the fly.

CitySoft Services

CitySoft Consulting Group provides technical service providers solutions that incorporate preventative maintenance. 24/7 customer Web portal access, support requests, self-service and employee Web portal access, advanced scheduling and mobility modules that help produce highly effective scheduling and resource management and customer satisfaction. In turn the Sage Enterprise Intelligence applications enable companies to analyse their service, projects and jobs, accounts and inventory data for anomalies and opportunities to improve service delivery, cut costs and improve profitability.

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