Advanced Financials

Reduce complexity and drive growth with Sage X3 for Financial and Professional services. This web native advanced business software system suits enterprises who operate multiple legal entities and sites.

Multi company, multi-country (legislations), multi-languages, multi-currency and multi-site.

Sage X3 is known as the multi-application: Multi company, multi-country (Legislations), multi-languages, multi-currency and multi-site. Within these capabilities enterprises can cost effectively and rapidly deploy offices. The system suits enterprises who manage inter-site, inter-company transactions, eliminations and consolidations and who may require a 3rd reporting currency for Group accounts.

Complete financial, cost and budget accounting, commitments and fixed assets management are managed in the finance suite. Sage X3 is a multi-ledger system, and can handle transfers and reporting of information from one or more companies and countries to another, and between subsidiaries and the parent company. It combines decentralised and international company management, handles multiple currencies and integrates multiple legislations, accounting rules and standards in to a single unified end to end business system.


Financial suite

The financial suite also includes purchase requisitions, employee expense management, electronic alerts, workflows and approval processes, banking, financial reporting, statistical and analytical pyramids, cash flow and cash forecasting, fixed assets, accounts payable and accounts receivable, CRM, EFT and advanced allocations. Optionally, the system can be expanded by adding advanced document management, and advanced treasury functionality.

Analytical pyramids take care of views and business intelligence across one or many sites and companies in the group providing great insight into the performance of business units, regions, companies, sites and products – essentially analysis of your business across any fact.

All In A Single Folder

The fact that an enterprise can operate their multi-company & multi-site business in a single folder produces multiple business benefits. System access and security is more easily managed under the single folder structure. System users are assigned access to one or more sites and companies can even be locked down to only seeing and processing certain business transactions. This means staff are not jumping in and out of databases, and the system by design, takes care of journals and transactions between one or many companies and sites in the group.

Since the enterprise is contained in a single folder, Group consolidations are fully catered for. Multiple consolidations are possible at various levels of the enterprise. The multi ledger design of Sage X3 lends itself to producing both management and statutory reports. The single folder design reduces the cost of system ownership. It removes complexities other systems have with respect to them needing one database per entity. This single folder design means that business partners, debtors and creditors need only be created once in the system then assigned to the legal entities and sites in your Group that trade with these business partners. This eliminates the need to replicate customers and suppliers across multiple databases and of course reduces the cost of maintaining a change to a customer or supplier multiple times.



Chart of Accounts

The system utilises dimensions that permit companies to operate straight forward charts of Accounts (CoA) without diminishing the quality and depth of analysis of the business. An unlimited number of budgets can be created on a CoA and or on dimensions giving even greater management capabilities to control expenditure and to analyse business performance.

Sage X3 is a multiple legislation application with the availability of various legislations from around the globe each containing country specific tax, reporting and compliance functionality. It is also a multi-language system with the availability of an extended list of language packs.

Sage X3 is the system of choice for businesses that place a higher priority on:

  • Single integration and consolidation of all business operations
  • Real-time dashboards and powerful business intelligence tools
  • Consistent user interface across all functions
  • Extended scalability and adaptability to change
  • Global management
  • High security and reliability of operation

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