The B2C e-Commerce software market is dominated by a small number of developers who have made selling online far easier and more cost effective than ever before. There are also various ERP specific webstores and connectors that simplify front-end and back-office connectivity making online selling something that every business can afford to offer

Capitalising on an effective webstore can be as simple as automating data flows between your webstore and your back-office ERP system but it can extend further to efficient wave picking of multiple B2C orders, 3PL and freight system integrations, management of returns, and avoidance of selling out of stock items.

Starting from scratch or connecting an existing eCommerce system

CitySoft can advise you on selecting a new eCommerce system to meet your business needs. Whilst the market leading systems such as Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento may be your key to successfully selling online, ERP specific solutions that take in B2B online sales as well as B2C may in fact better serve your business. If however you’re looking to integrate an existing eCommerce site with one of the ERP systems CitySoft represent, we can assist you with a number of commercially available connectors or bespoke development services to ensure business system integration and optimized business activity.

Market leading eCommerce systems

CitySoft work with Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and other leading eCommerce systems, predominately in conjunction with integration with SAP Business One and Sage ERP systems, to create fully integrated front-end and back-office systems for SMB’s and SME’s.

SAP has made available to companies who are running SAP Business One, a wide range of pre-built adapters for Cloud applications including popular eCommerce applications. The connectors can be viewed through SAP’s open connectors catalog https://help.openconnectors.ext.hana.ondemand.com/home. For licensing fees please contact CitySoft.

Companies using Sage X3 can utilise the Sage X3 development tools to create seamless two way data exchange with leading eCommerce systems. CitySoft have created and commercialised a Shopify-Sage X3 connector that takes in both B2C and B2B functions.


CitySoft works with a small number of commercially available connectors such as JitterBit and APPSeCONNECT, where appropriate, to connect Web stores with the back-office ERP systems CitySoft represents.

See our eCommerce Connectors.

ERP Centric Web stores

Sage eCommerce (Commerce Build) is a purpose built eCommerce system designed for Sage X3 ERP and Sage 300 ERP systems. Sage eCommerce as a Cloud-based plug-and-play webstore offers both B2B and a B2C coverage.

Vision33 is a Cloud software as a service Web portal for companies using SAP Business One. The Cloud service consists of two main offerings. The B2B marketplace is designed for companies using SAP Business One who wish to provide their B2B clients with an online shopping experience. The Vision33 Cloud Web portal service for companies using SAP Business One provides their customers with self-service real-time access to pertinent customer information held in SAP Business One anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Based on information contained in the Sage X3 roadmap released in August 2022 Sage are planning on releasing a customer and a vendor portal for Sage X3 in 2023.

Sage eCommerce

Sage eCommerce for Sage X3 and Sage 300 is a World class eCommerce system with hundreds of integration points to the Sage ERP systems and best in class store capabilities. It enables real-time, two-way integration between the Internet and a businesses back office operations. Users of Sage eCommerce can deploy Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) e-commerce stores. Sage eCommerce can also be used to enable Call Centre and Remote Sales Representatives to place orders and view account/order activity on behalf of a customer. 

Sage eCommerce uses data from Sage X3 or Sage 300 to display items and prices, to calculate taxes and currency conversions, and to display customer orders / shipments, and transaction history. This reduces the cost of managing your e-commerce solutions and helps keep operational costs substantially lower than traditional stand-alone e-commerce stores implementations.

Fully Featured Web Store

Sage eCommerce provides web buyers and your existing customers with real-time order updates, quotes and shipment status details. It integrates with popular social media and social marketing tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as offering on line chat and blogs. Up sell, cross sell and advanced promotions, all synchronised with Sage ERP in the back office makes selling easy.

Visibility For Your Customers

Customers can access real-time updates on order-status, quote status, shipment status, quantity on hand, quantity on purchase order, and transaction history, improving customer loyalty and improving repeat purchasing.

Software As A Service (SaaS)

Sage eCommerce’s monthly fee includes: server and application hosting, power, Internet bandwidth, application updates/fixes/enhancements, back-up services, SSL certificates and the overall management of the service. Sites can be set up very quickly, and at a reasonable cost.

Vision33 for SAP Business One

Web portal add-ons for SAP Business One

Vision33 falls into the ERP specific eCommerce segment.

There are two Vision33 portal products designed specifically for companies who use SAP Business One as their back-office ERP system who wish to provide their customers with on-line business to business (B2B) capabilities.

The Vision33 web portal add-ons for SAP Business One enable self-service access to real-time information in SAP Business One anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Vision33 B2B Marketplace extends the capabilities on offer under the Customer portal delivering customers a complete B2B shopping experience.


Magento the worlds #1 eCommerce Platform, trusted by over 300,000 businesses and merchants including Coca-Cola and Zumiez.

Australian SMEs with ambitious growth strategies have used eCommerce to bolster traditional sales channels to achieve their corporate objectives. In the online world ‘user experience’ trumps size and integrated Web and back office systems create the competitive conditions to grow market share.

eCommerce For Australian SME’s

To protect traditional markets or to expand your reach you should consider implementing an e-commerce solution that integrates with your existing SAP Business One solution. Magento enables Australian SMEs to compete with much larger and better-resourced global companies by providing your customers with a rich and satisfying online e-commerce shopping experience. In addition to an extensive suite of features, Magento Enterprise provides Australian SMEs with unprecedented flexibility and control over the design, content and functionality of their online e-commerce store. Implemented by CitySoft and fully supported by the Magento team of experts, the PA-DSS compliant Magento Enterprise is scalable and easily tailored to meet every merchant’s unique technical and business requirements.

Magento Features

  • A high-performance e-commerce platform built for growth: There is a science to building an online experience for customers, an understanding of which the Magento team will use to develop your new e-commerce platform.
  • Personalised customer experiences: Magento allows you to create personalised marketing and merchandising programs to improve customer loyalty and increase basket size. Magento even allows you to create e-commerce storefronts for specific customer demographics.
  • Take your business to the world: The Magento’s e-commerce platform, which integrates with your SAP Business One ERP solution, includes full multi-currency capabilities so you can take your business to the World.

Integration with SAP Business One

CitySoft can help you integrate your new or existing SAP Business One ERP solution with the Magento e-commerce platform using SBO Connect, middleware for connecting your Web store and back office SAP Business One ERP system. Automate the transfer of Magento sales orders to SAP Business One as well as exchanging new products, pricing, availability and product images between SAP Business One and your Magento eShop. With full business to business and business to consumer eCommerce, CitySoft ensures automated account and web customer data synchronisation with SAP Business One and Magento. And with other application integration such as Mailchimp, your business will have the ability to tailor your marketing, and sales efforts for the most productive outcomes.

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