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The BEAS discrete manufacturing suite is a fully automated manufacturing resource management solution that extends SAP Business One with the concept of manufacturing resources such as work centers, tools and employees. These resources are implemented through the entire production process, from capacity calendars and homogenous resource management to automated scheduling, MRP2, delay management and manual or semi-automatic rescheduling.

BEAS Advanced Manufacturing comes with a Manufacturing Cost Calculation module. This highly flexible and integrated calculation engine can be used to calculate estimated (BoM-based) prices and actual production costs (production orders). The add-on is fully compatible with the make to order (MTO) planning solution of BEAS and can easily be extended by adding the shop floor integration solutions from BEAS.

The key product capabilities include-

  • MRP2 with customizable fully automated resource scheduling
  • Various scheduling methods including backward form due date and forward scheduling
  • Operations integrated with SAP Business One standard production orders
  • Parallel, overlapping, breakable operations are supported
  • Allocation windows, setup, job, before and after times are supported
  • Homogenous resource management
  • One resource can be a member of multiple groups
  • Multi-dimensional resource scheduling: machines, skill matrix of labor, and tool availability
  • Cost calculation for BoMs and production orders
  • Storage of BOM results of all calculations are automatically stored and ready for analysis
  • Graphical job scheduling control panel for monitoring operations for different resources
  • Drag & drop manual rescheduling, semi-automatic rescheduling
  • Production management cockpit to release, close, reschedule one or an arrays of production orders with a single click
  • Customizable job requirements report with barcodes
  • ‘Available to Promise’ date calculation for sales orders
  • Outsourced manufacturing are supported

Sage X3 

Sage X3  advanced business software incorporates out-of-the-box ‘best practice’ functionality designed for Discrete Manufacturers who assemble to order, make to order, make to stock, engineer to order, and, or who are mixed mode manufacturers.

The second largest Sage X3 Enterprise Management client segment is mid-sized Discrete Manufacturers, operating across a wide number of industries including high-tech, automotive and components, industrial machinery and the equipment manufacturing sector. Sage X3 contains the sophistication to manage even the most demanding discreet manufacturing environment whether that be at a single site or across multiple manufacturing sites in one or multiple countries.

Compete Effectively

Sage X3, as an all in one enterprise business management system, offers discrete manufacturers, of all manufacturing modes, coverage across all your business processes in a single co-ordinated manner leading to business efficiencies, improved collaboration and cost savings.

Sage X3 assists with production planning and execution, so Discrete Manufacturers can reduce the time to market. Sage X3 Enterprise Management for Discrete Manufacturing provides real-time control and visibility of production schedules, capacities, constraints, shop floor activities and an overview of costs. Sage X3 ERP will help your production managers operate effectively and efficiently by focusing on optimal production and timely completion of manufactured goods. You will be able to match budgeted production data with actual production data captured in your MES system for immediate feedback on performance. Technical data can be defined by a wide variety of options such as by facility, line, costs centres, and individual resources can be tracked through the entire production process.

Advanced Capabilities

Optionally extend the Sage X3 ERP Enterprise Management platform, by including Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) software from Lascom. Integrate with leading CAD systems and streamline the creation of Inventory BOMs (Bill of Materials) from 2 and 3D drawings. Better manage your product design phase including emails, files, and documents and drawing version controls. Manage organisational breakdown structures (OBS) and Work breakdown (WBS) structures in concert, and optimise production accordingly.

Sage X3 also offers, as options, an advanced sales and manufacturing product configurator, and Computerised Maintenance Management (CMMS) coverage, and Quality Management and Controls (QC) as standard product functionality.

Sage X3 also supports cost accounting, capacity planning, MES integration, subcontracting, workflow and alerts management, radio frequency (RF) warehousing and CRM sales and account management.

Improve Your collaboration

Designed for the Web, Sage X3 Enterprise Management for Discrete Manufacturing provides a collaborative Web 2.0 portal environment that optimises information sharing. Each system user has a custom work-space (Displaying key performance indicators, reminders; workflows, shortcuts, alerts and RSS feeds). A graphical display of business processes helps users conform to your business practices.

Supply chain information can be provided via your Web portal, to alert supply chain partners of likely material demands.

The use of Sage Inventory Advisor (SIA) further supports your optimisation of raw materials. SIA is an advanced inventory management service that utilizes over 28 advanced algorithms to ensure you hold optimum stock.

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