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Industry's who benefit from PLM software

Enterprises operating in the food and beverage sectors, food services and catering, personal care and cosmetics industry are well serviced by Lascom PLM. It’s also a valuable asset for enterprises involved in the FMCG and Discrete manufacturers industry, where product updates and variations are constant and rapid and time to market is key to succeeding. Click the links to find out how PLM specifically meets the Food & Beverage and Cosmetics industry’s.

Lascom Solutions PLM software “Lime”, enables companies to better manage each phase of a products lifecycle 

Lascom’s significantly decreases the manual daily tasks surrounding product development across your marketing, R&D, quality and procurement teams through it’s distinctive management of information on one integrated platform. PLM boosts innovation, assists in meeting deadlines and saves time through the avoidance of re-keying data, or relying on paper, emails and spreadsheet information.

Lascom aims to efficiently increase productivity, accelerate time to market and reduce risks through:

  • Streamlining the New Product Development (NPD) process
  • Supporting on system change management processes
  • Supporting Product Range Optimisation
  • Document management relating to PLM business processes
  • Assisting with Product Costing calculations
  • Adherence to Regulatory requirements locally and globally
  • Formula and recipe compliance and conformance
  • Time to Market improvements
  • Collaboration between departments involved in PLM
  • Activity Analysis by person and department

Meeting the requirements for the Pet Food industry

In 2019 Scoular created Petsource, an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary, dedicated to the recipe development, meat processing, freeze-drying and packaging of high-protein ingredients for pet food manufacturers. To lay the foundations for success, Scoular began the construction of a $50 million manufacturing plant and developed a strategic IT roadmap, in which Lascom plays a key role. Download the brochure to find out how Lascom’s PLM was a key competitive asset for customer satisfaction.

“We wanted something that truly helps with project management, encompasses every aspect of product development, is intuitive for the users, is web-based and can scale up with us. We saw Lascom could offer us all of that!”

IT Product Leader at Scoular

Lascom Cloud Software

  • Manages all information securely, including sensitive intellectual property over recipes, formulas and other product information
  • Offers non-complex views of product information, based on inter-relationships of information
  • Enables fast and effective access to information through a sophisticated range of searching and reporting tools
  • Accelerates productivity with users able to readily create new or reuse/modify pre-existing product information
  • Provides automatic generation of product specifications, saving time and reducing errors
  • Enables greater decision making through advanced impact analysis features, in particular comparisons, gap analysis and where-used
  • Offers management visibility/auditing of all product information and user activity
  • Provides supplier and customer Web portal access to share information

PLM & ERP Systems

Lascom PLM can run as a standalone system or it can be integrated with an ERP software. Lascom offers an ERP – PLM software connector for various ERP systems including Sage X3 and SAP Business One. Both software’s are part of CitySoft’s ERP product portfolio.

Lascom is a logical system extension for companies using Sage X3 ERP or SAP Business One, with or without BatchMaster process manufacturing software for food, beverage or nutraceutical manufacturers. It utilises and shares ERP based product information, acting in the first instance as the repository of data collected and analysed, prior to commercialisation of a finished good or utilised when considering changes to a product such as packaging, formula or recipe details.

Retention of previous market research, packaging, compliance details, R&D test results and other matters leads to a more efficient analysis of a product under review and faster and more particular understanding of the likely impact on; cost, compliance and consumer appeal of various possible product changes. Lascom’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), software digitises information reducing reliance on documents, emails, thoughts and spreadsheets.


Industries where Sage X3 and Procession are providing an end-to-end advanced business software solution:

Paint / Coatings / Adhesives

Flavour & Aromatics

Toll Manufacturers 


Janitorial/Sanitation Products

With the addition of Provenio’s Procession technology, your regulatory, manufacturing, inventory, QC, shipping and order data are all stored in a single database and can be accessed through a single user interface.

CitySoft deliver end to end business software solutions to the chemical industry by combining Sage X3 with software by Provenio.  With greater visibility and centralized data, ABC Compounding were able to decrease orders greater than 5 days by a whopping 50% having introduced Sage X3 ERP with Procession.

Sage & Procession Features

  • Easy to create safety data sheets (SDS) and packaging labels
  • Integrated formulas, BOMS, intermediate and finished goods management
  • Forward and backward traceability to meet recall ready requirements
  • Tracking of formula properties
  • Detailed batch tickets with formula production details and instructions
  • A mobile sales App for order taking and Sales CRM

  • Quality Control as a process, not a step
  • Certificate of Analysis publication with customer shipments
  • A workflow manager supporting consistent processes across the enterprise
  • Inhibit rules prohibiting restricted shipments
  • On system PPE and hazard ratings for material handouts and batch makers
  • A bill of lading based on GSA/US/VIC guidelines

R&D Formulation

That flexibly allows consistency while securing profitability.


Regulatory Compliance

With GHS-specific functionalities that allow greater control over where a product can be sold.


Quality Control

With capabilities such as the ability to set ranges and targets per prodcut to ensure greater customer satisfaction.


Safety & Handling

Is more accessible through hazardous Material Ratings per product and safety and handling information labels and documents.



Has greater visibility around target volumes and weights per batch with batch tickets nad production notes, Work Order labels and BOMs linked back to master formulas


Sales Order/Shipping

Is simplified through 3rd party billing, the ability to send CofA and SDS with shipments and Blind Shipment/Drop Shipment functionalities.


Customer Service

Is improved to allow swifter management and greater customer satisfaction

Procession solutions for your industry

Sage X3 business management software combined with Provenio’s Procession enables Manufacturers to handle the complex specifications of the process manufacturing industry with ease and precision.


Provenio Technology has devised Processiona software enhancement suite to the Sage X3 software toolkit that further handles the changing logistics of chemical manufacturing with precision and accuracy. Procession runs seamlessly within Sage X3, as a fully integrated solution, designed to enrich the Sage X3 business management software for chemical and process manufactures.  Sage X3, paired with Procession, completes the meticulous aspects of chemical manufacturing from R&D formulation all the way to customer service.

Smart chemical manufacturers are thriving in a competitive world by unifying their business units on a single business system platform. Highly regulated industries such as chemical manufacturing obtain heightened value from Sage X3’s automation and tracking capabilities. When the solution is paired with Procession, it completes the meticulous aspects of chemical manufacturing, from manufacturing processes all the way to customer service. The Sage X3/Provenio package is perfect for small to medium sized chemical manufacturers looking for a software solution to manage the processes and components of their company.

Food & Beverage

Procession is a certified Sage Enterprise Management solution for process manufacturers, covering Research and Development, Quality Management, Safety and Handling, Customer Service, Production and Distribution. The solution adds further functionality to Sage Enterprise Management, allowing for product recalls when necessary, farm to fork transparency, lot traceability and allergen tracking. Procession with Sage Enterprise Management is a complete solution for food and beverage manufacturers.


The inclusion of on-platform developed Procession software adds the ability to set nutrient targets and select ingredients based upon the targets and to Print a Nutrient Supplement Panel. The system covers QC, R&D, product variants, by-products, formulas, version control, automatic work order resizing and rework. The system provides flexibility around compliance and regulatory controls across multiple jurisdictions and incorporates advanced quality control measures and advanced statistical analysis capabilities.


Industry's who benefit from BatchMaster for SAP Business One

BatchMaster, as an extension to the SAP Business One ERP system. It provides a cost effective solution for Food & Beverage manufacturing companies who from time to time develop new products and modify & relaunch existing products in response to changing consumer preferences, competitor activities or efforts to either broaden existing markets or enter new market places.

BatchMaster for SAP Business One

BatchMaster have embedded their process manufacturing product in SAP Business One to create a single ERP application designed specifically for process manufacturers. In addition to quality control, quality assurance and quality management (QMS) functionality,  the BatchMaster for SAP Business One end to end business system for process manufacturers also offers companies the ability to manage Product Development activities.

BatchMaster for SAP Business One:

  • Embeds QC tests, labor costs and instructions within recipe and packaging specifications
  • Leverages integrated USDA and Genesis databases to determine ingredient physical and nutritional characteristics
  • Dynamically recalculates recipes using ingredient potencies
  • Tracks samples from Product Development Requests through to batch production
  • Calculates recipe cost estimates during product development
  • Executes multi-level approval workflows for recipes and packaging BOMs

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