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CitySoft Enterprise Cloud Services

CitySoft Enterprise Cloud Services as a part of the CitySoft Group, provide companies with a range of Cloud services that support the deployment of SAP Business One, Sage X3 and Sage 300 in the Cloud.


Data Centre partner

CitySoft Enterprise Cloud Services (CECS) owns and manages an extensive array of IT infrastructure which is located at multiple T4 Data Centre partners.


Cloud service management

Equipment under CECS management includes Servers, Firewalls, Switches, Storage Device, VEEAM & Storage Craft Back Up solutions, Anti-virus software, and VMWare.


Offered Services

CECS service offering includes disaster recovery (DR), business continuity and advanced back-up services. CECS monitors our Cloud infrastructure 24/7 using Solar Winds MSP which aids with SLA compliance.



Security is a key aspect of providing quality Cloud services. CECS utilizes Penetration/ping testing tools and offers periodic penetration testing services.



Our flexibility around the inclusion and support of ISV products that often make up an SAP Business One, Sage 300 or Sage X3 solution is often a point of difference with vendor cloud offers.

Cloud Hosting Fees


CECS and CitySoft offer tailored Cloud hosting services and consequently our cloud hosting fees are constructed based on very specific hardware configurations tailored to each client’s specific demands and needs.


We utilize our decades of experience sizing infrastructure to run the ERP products that we are experts in to ensure optimal client experience in the Cloud.


A number of optional services are made available to further reduce any risk of data loss and business disruption. Our service contracts support temporary system expansion and permanent addition of IT resources to meet any growth in resource consumption. 

Digital Services

Netcloud is a  business Cloud Migration Company, assisting small and medium sized enterprises with digital transformation for over 10 years. We focus on complete end to end solutions for our clients. While we provide qualified network engineers to design, manage and support infrastructure, we go further than our competitors by tailoring our solutions for the applications that drive your business success.

CitySoft Enterprise Cloud Services Partners

CitySoft Enterprise Cloud Services are also AWS and Azure partners and utilize these Data Centre resources where clients have a specific requirement or preference for using infrastructure at these Data Centre providers.

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