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CitySoft is an awarded Sage and SAP partner and a leading Australian provider of ERP Business Management Solutions for Mid-sized Businesses and Small to Mid-Sized Enterprises.

What We Do


Solution Design

Meeting your unique challenges with a tailored approach


ERP Project Delivery

Deliver quality ERP project outcomes


Service Support

Provide Industry leading Technical & Functional support Services


Cloud Management

Offer First Class Cloud Hosting & Infrastructure Services






30+ years of experience

CitySoft bring together technology products, people and processes to drive sustainable and recurring enterprise yield and value for our clients.

For over 30 years our focus on customer outcomes has enabled us to grow with our clients both locally in Australia and regionally into Asia and Europe. While technologies are changing every day, our dedication to your business and the integrity of our solutions never will.

Team Approach First
CitySoft’s team approach to implementing new business system solutions leads to subject matter experts in our team contributing their expertise to the project under the guidance of our project manager, in a co-ordinated manner. We overlay our projects with an appropriate layer of governance and because we are so passionate about our clients success, we created our own collaborative cloud tool called TrackMyProject to help all parties successfully navigate through the many project tasks and phases.
Professional Project & Support Services
CitySoft are a provider of professional services across multiple software and technology sectors. Our services are tailored towards maximized system up time, business ROI, and value through the appointment of fully qualified and experienced business consultants. We’re regarded as a full-service provider offering project services and post project support services of a technical, project management and functional nature.
Cloud Migration & Management

CitySoft NetCloud provide tailored private cloud hosting services predominately for mission critical business applications. CitySoft NetCloud offer full infrastructure management solutions for select applications or for all applications in a business such as ERP, Payroll-HR through to Office 365.

Clients who have moved to CitySoft NetCloud enjoy peace of mind that up-to-date Cyber security, redundancy, business continuity and high-performance network resources are in place to support their operations. For many, a move to CitySoft NetCloud delivers significant savings on their internal IT management costs.

Adaptable Solutions
CitySoft deliver companies powerful, practical, and modern business solutions with the capacity to evolve solutions as business and technologies inevitably change over time. We’re constantly evaluating and recommending new applications and technologies to our clients with a view to helping them extract even greater value from their core business software solution. Interoperability, the rise of smart machines, Ai, and IoT has opened up many new opportunities to automate and integrate systems into seamless business solutions which CitySoft are proud to support.

We’re ready to start the conversation.


Listen First

Our first priority is to listen. We hear you. Without understanding client imperatives and challenges, out of the box solutions will always miss the mark of your expectations.


Innovation Always

Our teams strive to create solutions that fit. And fit comfortably with all stakeholders. Technology products often have limitations but creativity doesn’t. That’s why our teams are challenged and not afraid to collaborate across our team intelligence and partner network breadth for wholeness and completeness in our delivery.


Results Driven

We hold ourselves accountable to you for the integrity of our work product. We only get better when you do. Delivering the result you engaged us to deliver means we will always dig deeper when we need to.


Completed Projects

Our Customer Commitment


Team Targeted

From our first project charter kick off, we strive to create and identify the best team in depth, experience and availability, both from within the responsible client talent pool and our own expertise, in order to achieve the required project outcomes. We bring on board subject matter experts from our trusted partner advisories where required to ensure nothing is missing in project governance, delivery or support.


Conviction in Commitment

Delivering technology projects is not without difficult conversations from time to time. The base line discussion plan for those challenges is always what is the best outcome for our client. A conviction in sustaining the relationship with our customer that produces value for their enterprise is the overarching commitment in all that we do.


Executive Team

Trusted relationships, longevity of integrity and professional excellence is at the core of our business.



Ian’s extensive experience and knowledge of advanced business software extends over three decades. Ian is responsible for leading CitySoft’s sales and marketing activities across Australia, Asia and the UK. Few Australians have the depth of real world business software solution implementation experience that Ian has.

Ian has solution designed SAP and Sage systems for small to medium sized businesses and mid-sized enterprises, and has helped create project plans that deliver immediate and long-lasting value for CitySoft’s clients, for 32 years. Ian is Australia’s most awarded Sage business partner and one of SAP’s leading consultative sales representatives.

The difference is our experience.

Not only is our Sage X3 team led by the most experienced Sage X3 consultants you can rest assured they are also fully credentialled by Sage.









“There were a number of things that were important, one being having a really good business partner who could help us through the journey and that’s where CitySoft came in. Noteably, they’ve got experts in the EDI side.”

Damian Burke – Global CFO Kookaburra Sports Group


Our greatest rewards, come from delivering quality Sage X3 projects including some of Sage’s most complex and largest sites from around the globe.

  • Sage Marketing Excellence 2022 ANZ Sage X3
  • SAP Gold Partner
  • Sage X3 Customer Experience Excellence ANZ 2021
  • Sage X3 Business Partner of the year ANZ  2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016
  • Sage X3 Asian Partner of the Year award 2016
  • Top 50 Partners Worldwide 2016
  • Sage President Club membership status in 2016 & 2017
  • Sage CEO Circle & Net New Sales Excellence & Growth title 2017
  • Sage X3 Business Development Excellence 2020

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