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When choosing an Enterprise Resource Planning Software like SAP Business One, most business owners have the same question in mind: how much does it cost? When looking for a definitive number, one will quickly realise there is no clear answer. The reason being, there is no single defined package cost available. Aside from how many users, which suite and what other ISV add-ons may suit your system, the high degree of customization available with SAP Business One means that with a qualified SAP Partner, the system can be setup to your specific business requirements resulting in a varying cost only available after a quote.

SAP Business One has two different price models:

  • On-premise – Clients buy a one-time license and pay an annual maintenance fee
  • Subscription – Get a flexible subscription and pay on a monthly basis, Cloud-Deployed

The factors that influence the cost of an SAP Business One software solution are numerous, but in the following article you can read up on the most common price determining factors. So, here are the top factors that can impact the cost of an SAP Business One solution.

Number of Users

One of the most common factors that can affect the cost of your SAP Business One subscription is the number of people who are going to use the system on daily basis. You can consult with a professional agency who will assess your requirements to understand your daily operations and employees’ duties to optimise your company’s investment.

Type of Licence

There are different types of licences available for SAP Business One software. Professional or Limited Licenses; it is ideal for businesses to have 10 or more users if wanting to use the full functionality of SAP Business One.

The subscribers of a Professional Licence get access to all the features available with SAP Business One, which can be restricted if necessary, through user authorisations.

On the other hands, when you buy the subscription for a Limited Licence, there are three Limited Licence types available:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Logistics
  • Financials

Using a Limited Licence is ideal for businesses who only need specific features at the time without having to overpay for their employees to gain access to SAP Business One. For example, if you want to manage only Financials with SAP Business One, then you can purchase a Limited Licence for Financials to save costs on business operations.

System Infrastructure

Before you go for an SAP Business One solution, it is very important to determine your existing system infrastructure to understand whether you have adequate hardware and software for SAP requirements. A qualified SAP Digital Business Services Partner Australia should be able to either provide new hardware suitable for hosting at an additional cost; recommend the appropriate hardware or have the infrastructure to host your SAP Business One system cloud-based on their servers.

  • Server – It is required to use SAP Business One software, which can be located on-premise or co-located at a data centre.
  • Workstations – It is important for the start-ups or businesses that are looking to grow their strength. You must have a system that can be used to access SAP Business One.
  • Network – A stable Local Area Network (LAN) connection is required with an adequate bandwidth. SAP Business One version 9.2 allows businesses browser access, so this step may no longer be necessary.
  • Software – It is very important to have security and backup software that can be used to protect your data.

Considering the above-mentioned variables, you should now have a better idea of the factors that play into the cost of an SAP Business One software solution, both the installation and maintenance of the system. CitySoft is positioned as one of the best SAP Australia Partners for installing and maintaining SAP Business One, with our experienced sales team and technicians, fluency in a large number of ISV applications to extend your SAP Business One system; and our cyber security, cloud migration and data backup services offered through NetCloud. Consider a solution with us today.