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So, your company is growing and you’re looking for an advanced business management solution; working through the ERP selection process. You can get quotes from vendors but the ones with the lowest cost are sure to delight you the most.

Most small-to-mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) often make the same mistake of not considering that low ERP services quotes exclude expenses critical to a successful ERP implementation or poor budgeting that result in the services provider to ask for more money mid-project either way. CitySoft bring to you some hidden costs that one must keep in mind before you choose an ERP partner.

Changes to the Initial Project Scope

Over time, you may want to make some changes to the pre-agreed project scope. Many ERP vendors will share project scopes that can result in substantial overhaul when you want to do some changes. The plan shared with you should be a detailed one with every aspect clearly mentioned. The results of improper project scope may result in catastrophic results when you want to go-live by a certain date.

Company Track Record

When you’re looking for advanced ERP integration, you can’t just go with any Sage X3 ERP consultant in Australia. You want to make sure that the vendor is capable of handling your complex business implementation. Check if they have any proven track record with other businesses on similar projects. If the risk factor of dealing with an inadequately experienced company isn’t calculated earlier, the cost to your business could be substantial.

Employee Training Costs

Check if the initial Project Scope includes training to your employees as part of the overall implementation. Since you want to use the ERP software for business growth and to automate business operations, ensuring that your employees know how to use the software should be an important factor. ERP software like Sage X3 ERP can be quite complex if training is not provided. Without pre-agreed training, you need to spend additional costs on hiring professionals for a particular purpose.

Software Maintenance Costs

Although most companies these days offer free limited maintenance services as part of ERP implementation, that’s not the case with every vendor. The Top-tier ERP solutions are regularly updated every year, so you want to be sure about having someone be your guide to handle the maintenance and upgrades without any additional cost. Check if the company is clear about such maintenance and upgrade costs to avoid any surprises later.

Experience of Project Team

Before you sign a contract with a Sage X3 ERP Consultant in Australia make sure to go through the project of every team member in advance. It should consist of the executive as well as senior-level professionals. They should have enough experience to manage the project. If they’re not capable enough of delivering the project on time, it might cost your business for the delay and the project cost may also increase due to the involvement of more hours.

Final words

Choosing a trusted and reliable Sage X3 ERP Consultant in Australia is the most important thing to avoid the unwanted costs for ERP implementation. Discuss everything in advance to be sure of the final cost of your project.

Consider reading CitySoft’s Project Methodology to get a scope of what sets CitySoft’s intricate project planning, execution and maintenance apart from our competitors.