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Sage X3: the ERP solution for running accross multiple sites

For global Finance Directors that need to deal with the complex challenges of running operations in multiple legislation’s, currencies, and sites, Sage X3 now allows you to bring together all entities onto the one modern technology platform available in the cloud, anywhere, anytime, on any device at any site in different legislative zones.

10 Multiple Ledgers allow for seamless consolidations across global or country groups of entities with full on demand flexibility in required reporting currencies, IFRS management and localized statutory reporting compliance.

20 Hierarchical Dimension Types with unlimited values transact a separate analytical ledger providing for unlimited data mining and intelligence reporting on performance and margin analysis across products and regions that drives expensive number crunching overheads out of your business as every requirement is bought onto a single Global Enterprise Platform.

Talk to us now for a no obligation Enterprise Design session to anchor your business on a rock solid, cost effective web native platform, allowing you to focus on growing your business forward rather than being the month end XL spreadsheet jockey, with the peace of mind that compliance and the basics are all well in place.