Fully integrated software solutions for food & beverage manufacturers & distributors

The ANZ business environment for food and beverage manufacturers and distributors is highly regulated demanding compliance with and adherence to various standards. It is a highly competitive industry demanding innovative new products and tight control over costs to remain relevant and profitable. Many parts of the industry are characterised by constantly shifting and often unpredictable consumer sentiments and preferences, whilst cost pressures and competitor activities from both traditional and new entrants remain top of mind for most food and beverage manufacturers.

To compete more profitably food and beverage manufacturers and distributors are turning to integrated business software that addresses their industry specific needs such as:


Route Management

Online ordering

Proof of delivery


Recipe management

Supplier compliance

Plant optimisation


Management of constant and variable loss factors




Product Labelling

Equipment integration (weigh scales, MES)

Smart Machines

New product development

Quality Control measures

Random weight – Catch weight

Selecting an ERP Solution for the Food and Beverage industry

The cost of operating a food and beverage manufacturing and distribution business in today’s technology driven business environment using old out-dated ways of doing business is unsustainable and negatively impacts profitability. A comprehensive ERP system, developed for food and beverage manufacturers and distributors, cuts operating costs by introducing business efficiencies. It automates business processes, improves supply chain integrations, and supports electronic trade whilst also helping employees deliver superior customer service using mobile devices and modern technologies.

A properly implemented ERP system for a food and beverage manufacturing and distribution business promises to help deliver competitive advantage in a highly competitive industry.

  • Lower administrative costs
  • Improved internal cash flow
  • More effective and faster new product development
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance
  • Better utilisation of plant & equipment
  • Improved stock management practices
  • Enhanced customer service

CitySoft support a diverse range of food and beverage manufacturers and distributors including Remedy Drinks

The company has combined all its operations into the new 18,000 square metre site – the same size as the MCG football field – and will create 87 new local jobs.


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