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CitySoft offers both best in market FSM products for growing and mature businesses and small to medium-sized enterprises and best of suite FSM software.

Technological advancements are playing a major role in changing how companies manage their field services teams. From enhanced mobility to improved scheduling of resources, often driven by IoT and use of smart devices, modern Field services management (FSM) software is now leading the way in adoption of modern technologies.

Technologies including AI driven support recommendations (Predictive services) & connected device (IoT) are seamlessly providing technical field services enterprises with device status, usage and warnings. These technologies are helping FSM teams deliver clients’ more timely service. Equipped with service history and knowledge base data, these technologies support assignment of the most appropriate service technician(s), whilst also predicting what spare parts and consumables are likely to be required to resolve the likely cause of any equipment issue. Importantly these services can be supplied based on predictive information mitigating or minimizing equipment damage, down time and disruption to the clients’ business.

Augmented reality is one further technology that is changing the way FSM services are supplied. Augmented Reality is helping companies execute work orders via the supply of remote assistance, remote controlling the display of real-time data. The creators of best of breed FSM systems including SAP are incorporating these technologies into their core systems and or engaging with developers from their extended ERP ecosystem.

A connected supply chain is providing modern businesses with the ability to reduce in-house asset service and maintenance costs whilst reducing asset master data creation and service provider efforts & costs. Companies are benefiting from a virtual, real-time representation of their assets – in essence a digital twin. This allows all partners to collaborate in real time and provides remote monitoring and diagnostics with access to benchmarking behavior. For manufacturers this results in optimization of production and reduced downtime. (Source SAP Performance Benchmarking). Service providers are better positioned to provide proactive advice and services to their clients under this connected supply chain model.

According to SAP in their SAP Industries White Paper | Industrial Machinery and Components, Innovative IM&C companies provide the machines and equipment bundled with services and consumables and charge for the outcome. With that transformation, they generate new business, increase market share, accelerate new technologies and products, deliver more product-use insights, and create a more sustainable revenue stream. Pay for outcome (PfO) is attractive for customers who intend to shift CAPEX to OPEX, share business risk, or try new technologies with lower risks, adjust production capacity flexibly, and have a more attractive balance sheet.

The CitySoft Field Services Offerings

Core Sage X3

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Sage X3 includes a capacity to create an equipment card based on the sale of inventory, typically serialized, that is associated with an after sales or post installation services contract for parts and or labour.


DIMO is both an FSM and a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) solution. Available in various editions and with multiple versions (Express, standard and full versions), DIMO is a best of breed FSM / CMMS system containing advanced FSM characteristics. It is Web native, responsive, mobile, uses bar and QR codes, offers an ERP connector and can be hosted or provided as an on – premise system. DIMO supports multiple languages, sites, & stores. With easy drag and drop scheduling, customer & contract management and SLA management DIMO provides the service manager with the tools that support proper scheduling, billing and contract fulfillment. A clever multi-tree structure display of assets, asset calendars and conditional preventative measures helps FSM teams be more proactive than reactive in delivering field services.

CitySoft recommend DIMO to clients utilizing Sage X3 who need a best of breed FSM or CMMS system.

DIMO MM edition

DIMO MM edition is made available in three versions – Express, Standard and Full with each successive version containing a broader set of capabilities. The system supports service request management, QR codes, includes a mobile app, a connector to Sage X3 and workload visual planning with drag and drop.

DIMO’s OM edition

DIMO’s OM edition is a CMMS solution. It can be configured according to your needs and user profiles. You have at your disposal a complete software package for management of assets. You can use Dimo Maint OM on line or offline. Its tactile mode supports staff working in difficult conditions. Its failure tree (symptoms, diagnostics, remedies) helps staff reach informed decisions on servicing and preventative activities. Dimo Maint OM supports unlimited OM Comms for creation of work or purchase requests, update meter, manage equipment and schedule technicians. The system includes the ability to connect to your ERP system.

F5IT App

The F5IT App for Sage X3 uses the Sage Web channels license to exchange data with Sage X3 ERP. It was developed exclusively for Sage X3 providing enterprises using Sage X3 ERP who also provide field services,

  • Visualisation of service requests, per employee
  • Registration of actions submitted by the employee
  • Access the system both online and offline
  • Signatures and submission of intervention report
  • Confirmation of the activity by the client (Sign on glass)

F5IT expands the core Sage X3 functionality.

SAP Business One

Lascom CitySoft - PetFood solution

For companies with a limited need for FSM, the standard SAP Business One system includes best of suite FSM capabilities. The SAP Business One system covers FSM basics with its mobility and equipment card functionality.


Coresystems is a SaaS providing connectivity to ERP systems including SAP Business One via its cloud connector. Coresystems offers FSM companies a best of breed solution. It enhances SAP Business One for those businesses who are heavily orientated toward FSM.

Coresystems is tightly integrated to SAP Business One utilizing the core SAP ERP functionality and service call features in SAP Business One & extending it through the availability of advanced FSM features such as GEO tags, QR codes, advanced time & expense capture, service assignment, branded chat bot & self-service portal and smart forms. Coresystems utilizes core SAP functions including alerts and approvals, business partners and activities, sales opportunities, quotes and sales orders, equipment card details, stock & service calls.

Coresystems adds service assignment smarts such as work order sign in and check out, sign on glass, service ratings, self-assignment and self-planning, checklists and work flowed safety steps, & smart use of attachments including pictures of equipment pre & post service.

Technisoft FSM

Technisoft FSM was developed exclusively for Sage 300 and later integrated with Sage CRM. It includes integration with Sage 300 Customers, Suppliers General ledger, Purchasing, Inventory, Sales Order Entry, and serialized inventory. It also integrates with Sage CRM making it a powerful FSM for small to medium sized businesses with demanding FSM requirements.

Industry Coverage

Each of the FSM software packages CitySoft represent have particular characteristics that make them better suited to certain industries and company types. CitySoft help businesses and enterprises evaluate, select, implement and benefit from the FSM systems as a part of a broader ERP system.

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