The Power of Business Intelligence

Get fast, efficient financial and operational reporting.



Quickly gather data from your ERP, all add-ons, and all other data sources like your CRM, Excel, and legacy systems



Visualize, interpret, and action data with our extensive range of reports, dashboards, statements, and analytics



Pay only for the online storage
needed for the portions of your data
required for financial and operational

Get faster, better reporting from your ERP, CRM, and all your data.

ZAP Data Hub is the best-priced data management, BI, and analytics solution for
SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics, SYSPRO, and Sage. Get fast, efficient financial and operational reporting. Adds insight from additional data sources like CRMs, add-ons, and Excel. And enjoy a no-code alternative to hand-built data warehouses and data management.


What sets ZAP apart?

  • Our automated data management starts the differentiation from other ‘BI-only’ tools in the market – it makes it quicker and simpler to collect, integrate, secure and prepare data for analysis.
  • We deliver robust, out of the box calculations that can be re-used across all analytics and managed centrally.
  • Our Solution is live in hours, thanks to its web deployment, pre-packaged Smart data connectors, data model and analytics that are automatically kept up-to-date thanks to cloud orchestration.
  • Customers on ZAP Data Hub who move from one ERP to another OR have multiple ERPs can easily migrate their data and reports seamlessly.
  • We plug directly into ERP databases OR use sophisticated multi-faceted connectivity, which makes it easy to pull up-to-date data whenever customers need it.
  • All of which provides a solution which affords partners the opportunity to extend the core solution through customization or adding their own re-marketable industry or horizontal analytics.

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