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As the SAP financial year approaches (Jan-Dec), SAP is generating anticipation with articles online about the forthcoming SAP Business One Version 11, set to be unveiled in 2024. Described by SAP as a significant release, Version 11 is poised to bring exciting developments to the acclaimed business solution.

According to SAP’s August roadmap, “SAP Business One is part of SAP’s cloud ERP strategy addressing customers in the small business and lower midmarket segment,” with a focus on making the software fit for the next decade.

Mainstream Maintenance and Release Family Lifecycle

SAP commits to providing at least five years of mainstream maintenance for an SAP Business One release family and related add-on software products. Once Version 11 is released in 2024, the maintenance of the preceding release will be discontinued, and extended maintenance is not offered for SAP Business One releases and applications.

Planned Innovations: Integration Framework and Cloud Enhancements

SAP outlines some key planned innovations for SAP Business One Version 11:

  1. Integration Framework:

    • Key differentiator for SAP Business One.
    • Offers flexible capabilities, turning SAP Business One into a robust business platform.
    • Simplifies integrations with SAP and third-party applications.
    • Extends system and business network capabilities.
  2. Cloud Enhancements:

    • Focus on hosting partners, user experience, monitoring, and performance in SAP Business One Cloud 1.1.
    • Support for IAM (Identity and Access Management) in SAP Business One Cloud 1.1.
    • Lifecycle management optimization and security enhancements.

Feature Value and Business Benefits

SAP aims to deliver several key benefits with the Version 11 update:

  • Technology scalability for business growth.
  • Attractive cloud deployment options.
  • Easier and more affordable deployment, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Improved tools for hosting partners.
  • Streamlined purchase-to-delivery timelines.
  • Flexible, simple, and intuitive solutions for efficient business operations.

Planned Innovations: Mobile Apps for the Enterprise

SAP highlights forthcoming mobile app innovations for SAP Business One, aligning with the feature value of enhanced flexibility and efficient processes. Key points include single sign-on experiences, service apps for ticket creation, utilization of native device capabilities, and evolving the service layer into a platform for innovative mobile solutions.

In summary, SAP Business One Version 11 is poised to bring forth a range of enhancements and innovations, solidifying its position as a leading ERP solution for small and midsize businesses.