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In today’s digital era, there is hardly any profession that isn’t influenced by technology. It helps make things hassle-free and easier and when we’re talking about Shop Floor Management, your choice for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) makes a huge impact. Centralised information for better shop floor management is the key feature of SAP Business One software, but there is a lot more it can help you with.

Faster Turnaround Of Finished Goods

SAP Business One software streamlines and automates every step involved in the manufacturing process while integrating finance, inventory management, and distribution; all in a single dashboard for greater efficiency enterprise-wide. It comes with the advanced feature to communicate with the smallest details of each step and task required for a successful production.

Bill of Materials functionality in this software allows the workers to configure and include multiple routes, containing their own set of instructions, which can make a huge difference in how fast the business can achieve finished goods. ERP in SAP software helps ensure that the most experienced team members can transfer their knowledge to others on the floor in the most efficient way, while allowing the flexibility to store master data, record variances, and make comparisons.

Leverage Shop Floor Workers’ Skills And Track Progress

When you leave little room for interpretation, it can help make the job a lot easier for the people working on the floor. This specially implements on the employees that are still learning. Thanks the SAP Business One Software’s BOM functionality enables the floor workers to ensure taking care of every detail of the process, enabling them to make better decisions.

This allows them to eliminate even the minor possibility of incidents that can result in workers making guesses or subjective decisions. When they know what is next to be done, they can easily focus on the particular tasks to the best of their ability. It helps the production managers to keep track of large orders, and maximise the use of people’s skills for better production with quality.

Standardise operations, reduce errors

Manufacturing is a complex industry where the business owners must ensure the completion of every step on time; such as timely material purchasing, efficient resource planning, and having the right machinery up and running. But, when your in-house team is busy handling other scheduled tasks, many things may get overlooked.

This is where SAP Business One’s special tools for ‘Guiding Shop Floor Activity’ can be lifesavers. These tools are aimed to help businesses make the most of their team’s knowledge and skills. SAP Business One ensures better precision where the action happens, regardless of the industry you belong to.

SAP Business One Gets the Job Done!

This is the most advanced solution available where the action takes a high ground to ensure production with more accuracy. Whether your business involves assembly, kitting, process, or discrete manufacturing, SAP can enable reduce costing and increase productivity.