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CitySoft is both a well awarded and leading partner for Sage in Australia and provide expertise around Contract Billing Systems

Key Features

The use of Sage Web services supports clever automated exchanges of data with and between Sage X3 such as machine/device generated data that may trigger an activity in Sage X3, these system features include:

  • Combine one-time order lines and recurring order lines on the one periodic invoice
  • Alerts and Dashboards to assist with resource scheduling & contract fulfillment
  • Manage partial period pro-rata billing cycles
  • User definable billing periods- weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual
  • Simulation functionality to pre-test execution results
  • Automatic contract renewal option
  • Streamlined invoicing model for fixed periodic invoices, milestone billing and more granular level task or operation billing
  • Automatically include automated CPI increases and billing variations based on contract terms

Sage X3 Contract Billing System

CitySoft have created a comprehensive contracts billing system on the Sage X3 platform for enterprises who enter into contracts with clients that requires periodic invoicing over the life of the contract. The contract and billing engine is based on creation of a single sales order containing the various service line(s) that constitute the entire contract. For enterprises who enter into similar contracts across their client base, a sales order for one client can be easily copied and used as is or modified to suit another client making it quick and easy to set up a new contract.


 Client billing can be automatically generated based on the contract terms. The contract terms can contain a start and end date and a billing frequency and can accommodate pro-rated initial and final period invoices. Mandatory notification periods can be associated with the contract alerting staff to a need to terminate or renegotiate a contract.

Client billing can also be generated based on the supply of services or it may be directly linked to completion of contract milestones, tasks (Operations) and or contract phases, perhaps associated with an installation.

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Billing adapatable to your needs

The industries where the system will be of particular appeal include enterprises in facilities maintenance & Data Centre operators who offer annual or multi-year fixed fee contracts that entail supply of an agreed set of services over the life of the contract; suppliers of equipment under contract to clients who require a periodic invoice to be raised, providers of managed office spaces, essentially any enterprise who needs to regularly provide clients with recurring invoices related to the supply of products and or services.

Line item details in the sales order act effectively as individual contracts inside a larger prime contract enabling enterprises to define various facts such as when a service needs to be initiated and completed, and what each service line entails. Alerts and dashboards highlight pending activities and the projects and jobs element of Sage X3 supports efficient scheduling of resources to meet an enterprise’s contract-based obligations.

Serialized Inventory can be converted to an asset and associated to a contract or sold to a client under a contract. The equipment card mechanism in Sage X3 enables service calls and resources to be scheduled against a piece of equipment connected to a contract. Sub-contractors can also be assigned to supply services under any given contract and hired equipment costs can also be applied against a project or job inside a contract.

The system provides businesses with an end to end enterprise management solution that may optionally commence with a quote or contract and ends with a recurring invoice.

Process Flow 


Sales Quote



Sales Order

Head Contract
Service line level contracts



Periodic across contract life, milestone or operation
Task based billing
Contract Obligation – billing reconcillation 

Contract start & end dates and payment terms can be independent of the service supply dates

Notifications and workflows assist staff manage customer engagement as contract renewal is approached or contract fulfillment of tasks and operations are approaching.

Automatically or manually delete or change line details as to quantity and price with full traceability if or when the supply of services differs from the contracted service.

Time saving capabilities include:


Comprehensive accounts, financials, inventory, purchasing and project integration


Automatic item line price updates


Management of associated contracts, jobs and projects


Managements of kit BoM and build instructions to your technical team following order approval


Full discount and rounding management document or line level


Full-service request and response management

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