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Running a pharmaceutical company can be a challenging task, and it takes an efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERO) solution to enhance the operation process and meet the changing regulatory expectations while ensuring the efficiencies in supply chain management that drive productivity.

With a custom ERP solution like Sage X3 business management software, pharmaceutical companies can optimise operations, maintain compliance, and create efficiencies that boost the bottom line. It helps improve supply chain management, quality control and a lot more is why Sage X3 is ideal for pharmaceutical ERP.

Impact on regulations

For every business in the pharmaceutical industry, compliance with regulations is the most important factor and supply chain traceability is the most important one, especially with an endless number of new and updated guidelines.

Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released the new guidelines in 2018 intending to provide new standards and generics for pharma manufacturing companies specifically, the suggested guidelines include:

Need for better quality assurance

For any pharmaceutical company, supply chain transparency and compliance is the most important factor as these ensure that there are sound quality assurance processes in place. Thanks to the advanced functionality of SAGE X3 business management software, it helps businesses to ensure accurate quality assurance, including stock status, serial number, expiration data management, sub-batch numbers management, etc.

Optimising supply chain traceability

Customers and regulators would expect the pharmaceutical companies to offer complete traceability from sourcing to manufacturing to labeling to distribution and everything else. This needs a custom ERP solution and the support of a professional Sage X3 ERP consultant in Australia that can help adapt to the complexities of pharma.

Sage X3 offers a range of supply chain management tools that include:

Purchasing management – Management of audit trails, supplier details, expenditure authorisation, import cost management, stock evaluation, and more.

Inventory management – Handling of inquiries, stock data, consumption analysis, data collection automation, etc.

Integrated sales management – Sales workflows, transactions automation, logistics, and invoicing management.

Altogether, these advanced available in the Sage X3 business management software allow the pharma companies to manage business operations and provide all the required details to ensure effective optimise supply chain management and traceability.

Sage X3 in action

Sage X3 has been used by leading pharmaceutical companies across the world, allowing them to gain rapid growth and ensure compliance with the regulations while ensuring to accommodate future growth. Here are the ways how Sage X3 can help pharma businesses gain a competitive advantage:

  • Streamlined daily tasks
  • Consistent charts of accounts
  • Efficient supply chain management
  • Consistent reports generation from a central location
  • Lower software maintenance costs

With a custom ERP solution like Sage X3 in place, it’s easier for the pharma businesses to enhance business efficiency with the power of automation and the ability to handle multiple tasks from a single dashboard.