Sage X3 ERP: Empowering Wine Manufacturers at Scale

Comprehensive Solutions for Receiving, Production, Inventory, Sales, and Financial Management in the Wine Industry

The Sage X3 ERP manufacturing suite is the ideal partner for wine manufacturers who operate at scale. The system itself is scalable in terms of user numbers and data volumes and highly configurable, able to address all of manufacturers’ business processes or a select set of business processes, such as from receiving and crushing grapes right through to bottling and selling bulk or bottled wine through one or multiple sales channels.


Sage X3 is designed to integrate with smart devices such as weighbridges to streamline receipt of grapes. Optional OCR and document management coupled with web forms and system responsiveness on mobile devices enhance the user experience. Traceability, quality controls, and measures support grower payments and grading determinations. Purchasing of dry goods such as packaging and additives are tied to master production scheduling and material requirements planning.


The availability of system alerts, workflows, and recipes supports standardization of business processes and management by exception. A smart CitySoft development, on the Sage X3 platform as it was designed to do, supports adherence to target goals when blending. Advanced web scheduling of production, including master production scheduling (MPS) and material requirement planning (MRP), helps production managers optimize line output without the headaches manual or Excel-based planning systems create.


Advanced inventory management captures lot, variety, vintage, additives, blend details if any, physical characteristics, and QC results during maturation and at other stages of production. Multiple stock locations and SKU status ensure quarantined SKUs cannot be picked for production, receipted into your main stock holding, or sold. Mobile devices can be used across all the inventory processes, including in rugged warehouse and production environments, cool rooms, and spaces with internet coverage.


The Sage X3 system supports a wide range of sales channels, including by mobile salespeople, inbound sales calls, and EDI, plus B2B and B2C sales via popular web stores and Sage X3 built eCommerce systems. A Sage X3 solution for the wine industry can be expanded further through integrations with specialist retail (cellar door) software and restaurant POS systems and by using Sage X3 CRM or the fully featured Sage CRM system with Mail-Chimp for Wine Club management and communications.


The design of Sage X3 makes it the ideal partner for enterprises that operate multiple legal entities in a group and who may also trade between related entities.

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