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Lascom CitySoft - PetFood solution

At CitySoft, we proudly lead the way with the most skilled and well-equipped Sage X3 technical team in the ANZ region. Our commitment to innovation is evident in the array of Sage X3 modules we’ve created and commercialized, all developed on the Sage X3 platform. These modules not only extend the core capabilities of Sage X3 licenses but also introduce entirely new functionalities. From the Sage X3 Malaysian legislation pack to advanced banking, a seamless Shopify connector, a usability module, the SKU-centric WEAR module, advanced contracts and recurring invoicing, automated currency updates, and a cutting-edge Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.) App – explore our diverse Sage X3 product extensions. Your journey to enhanced capabilities starts here.

Shopify – Sage X3 Connector

The Shopify – Sage X3 connector by CitySoft seamlessly connects your Shopify store and Sage X3. The connector enables businesses to capitalize on the strengths of two world-class applications operating in unison.

CitySoft’s Shopify to Sage X3 connector ensures a seamless connection between your Shopify store and Sage X3. This powerful connector is designed to maximize revenue and streamline operations by synchronizing data and automating processes. Enhance efficiency and boost revenue as your business benefits from the seamless integration of Shopify and Sage X3.

CitySoft Sage X3 Usability Package

This usability package consolidates pertinent information from various screens within standard Sage X3, significantly improving the user experience. It offers streamlined access to product information on a single screen, eliminating the need to navigate across multiple Sage X3 objects. The utility extends this convenience to supplier and customer data views as well.

The CitySoft Sage X3 Usability Pac aims to simplify everyday tasks within the Sage X3 platform without requiring additional configuration or technical development. While Sage X3 offers incredible customization capabilities across various business processes, interfaces, workflows, and more, the Usability Pac focuses on enhancing user experience by providing information snapshots and drill-through functionalities for common business inquiries, such as Customers, Suppliers, and Product positions. The goal is to complement the platform’s robust capabilities with user-friendly features, making routine tasks more accessible and efficient.

CitySoft WEAR for Sage X3

The module, designed primarily for the apparel industry (Clothing and footwear), streamlines sales order entry, purchasing, and SKU creation in Sage X3 by CitySoft. Users can easily manage up to five key user-definable attributes, including Gender, Style, Brand, Size, and Colour. The module also provides options to add additional user-defined SKU attributes and allows for a definable Service Life or Season Availability.

CitySoft, a leading Australian Sage X3 Partner, has introduced a new productivity tool specifically tailored for the Apparel, Clothing & Footwear industry. The key benefits include enhanced accuracy in processing Sales Orders (SO) and Purchase Orders (PO), accelerated data entry, clearer data displays for suppliers and customers, seamless integration with third-party ecommerce and EDI platforms, rapid onboarding of new season ranges, and utilization of Sage X3’s top-notch Enterprise-wide distribution management and reporting capabilities. The tool also features predefined attribute grid forms for Sales Order, Purchase Order, and Sales Invoice processes.

Advanced Banking Transaction Management

This CitySoft module imports bank statement transaction files in the ANZ, CBA, Macquarie, Westpac, & NAB formats. The module auto-imports and launches the reconciliation process execution. The system supports both a single bank account electronic bank statement file conversion to .XQB Sage format and a multi-bank account import at a single execution. Your file transformation and auto-reconciliation process can be based upon user-defined parameters.

The module includes-

  • Auto Generated Bank Report
  • BPay file payment formats
  • International file payment formats

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Lascom CitySoft - PetFood solution