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No doubt, Sage X3 ERP is a flexible and advanced piece of software that is designed to allow business owners and management to customise workflows and dashboards to fit their specific needs. It is packed with tools and features to help make businesses more efficient in their day-to-day activities. Whether you’re new to using Sage X3 Australia or have been using it for years, here are a few tips you may find useful.

Create a team of Sage X3 experts

On various occasions, companies make the same mistake of assigning the role of managing the ERP system to the IT director and leave it at that. The smarter solution to extract the most out of your investment in Sage X3 ERP software is to pick some leaders from each department who have the ability to learn the nuances of the new system and share the insight with others.

Ask for volunteers from each department to become Sage X3 experts. Allow the teams to field questions to handle any issues themselves. Also, let the team set guidelines about system access, use and data management and do a lot more.

Define timelines and workflow processes

The team that you create, along with the managers, should collaborate to define a strategic timeline. Without this step, projects mostly tend to be relegated to the back burner instead of being classified as important tasks.

In addition to setting timelines for the team, make sure that the workflow processes must also be defined. Ask your team to define required processes and then train your staff on how to follow processes for maximum impact and efficiency.

Run tests and trials

For any business, looking for growth, the ‘Hit and Run’ method should be never implemented. This is even more important when you are in a competitive industry like manufacturing. So, before you implement Sage X3 ERP for business, make sure to build and test the system thoroughly.

Even when having the project in progress, make sure to keep testing the workflow to ensure that you have not omitted the required steps and that the process runs smoothly. This can be a helpful step for ensuring smooth workflow and timely delivery.

Find What Works for Your Business

Although many Sage X3 ERP Consultants in Australia claim Sage X3 is the best solution for business growth and profitability, it is highly recommended to devise your own method of using the system. Every industry has a different set of requirements and would need some amendments in the ERP system for better workflow management. CitySoft can be hired to exclusively provide consulting on whether the system is right for you and how to utilise the most of a Sage X3 ERP solution.

Wrapping Up

Using Sage X3 ERP serves as a one-stop solution for business operations. The nature of Sage X3 as a highly scalable software means the system can grow with your business and reflect the changing needs of your industry. We just hope the above-mentioned tips help gain better growth and returns from your investments in the custom ERP solution.