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Sage have announced the release of Sage X3 version 12.0.22

This new version of Sage X3 delivers a raft of new enhancements with a major focus on the projects and job section of Sage X3 including improved revenue recognition, and milestone billing for project work. Sage have also further simplified the bank reconciliation process and have delivered efficiencies concerning management of multiple companies.

With respect to revenue recognition Sage X3 now automates the generation of journal entries according to the amount calculated, such as sales accruals or invoices to be issued. The revenue recognition rule definition and validation functions enable greater accuracy when reporting financial information for a given period.   Project milestones can now be associated with scheduled invoices, giving greater control on when invoices are raised.

The Advanced Bank Statement within X3 transfers reconciliation marks to the bank journals to simplify the reconciliation process.

The new version of Sage X3 allow multi-company period closing where users are able to close periods/ledgers for a list of companies in a single step, significantly minimising time and effort for users when managing multiple periods/ledgers.

One further exiting announcement is the introduction of a new Web Scheduling application for Sage X3. Designed for manufacturers, the scheduler from SedApta Group supports optimisation of production plans and presents data in appealing graphical formats that support real time orchestration of machines, software and people.

The new Sage X3 production planning functionality focuses on automatic scheduling whilst also allowing for manual editing and fine-tuning for optimal control over your production plan.

The scheduler helps reduce set up times, bottle-necks and queuing whilst also addressing people, material and tool constraints. Changing production priorities, down-time & shop floor issues are accommodated & addressed in an optimal manner.

The scheduler is suitable for both discrete and process manufacturers & provides intuitive dashboards, scheduling simulations and the ability to tailor dashboards and reports to suit your particular manufacturing needs.