Produmex SCAN  

A warehouse scanner makes you and your team 10x more faster, which saves you time in storing and sending products.

Real time inventory transactions

Produmex Scan is a robust and reliable barcode scanning solution for SAP Business One that seamlessly automates warehouse and inventory transactions. The solution supports multiple warehouse operators, processing high volumes of transactions while maintaining high performance. All major SAP Business One inventory transactions are supported in real-time including PO receipts, bin moves, lot/serial tracking, pick lists and deliveries, as well as Production Order transactions for the issue and receipt of stock. Produmex Scan also fully integrates with SAP Bins, Multiple Unit of Measure and Barcode/GTIN functionality.



Leverage barcode scanning technology to streamline all warehouse transactions.



Quickly and easily tailor to your data and process needs. Proven go-live methodology.



Complete real-time integration provides instant visibility and traceability.



Barcode scanning delivers greater accuracy than manual transactions.

Picking & Shipping with Produmex Scan

This video will briefly highlight how Produmex Scan seamlessly automates your warehouse and SAP Business One inventory transactions, in a fast, accurate and simple way.

Produmex WMS

Produmex WMS is a full scale warehouse solution for SAP Business One. It adds advanced warehouse inventory management capabilities such as License plate numbers (LPN’s) more picking options such as zone and wave picking, container receipting and more flexibility around warehouse organisational structures than those available in Produmex SCAN and core SAP Business One inventory management. Produmex WMS also contains system capabilities commonly required when managing perishable goods.

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