Nut Industry

A Sage X3 Solution for the ever-growing Nut Industry



Sage X3

Aritmos with the Sage X3 platform, provide a complete solution to improve and optimise your operations and your competitiveness.


Quality management features

  • Quality type: physical, chemical
  • Qualifications: % actual, % tolerated
  • Quality documentation
  • Application of quality to delivery notes

Advance your decision making with powerful tools

Control and monitor all of your company’s activities, including production management with full ascending and descending traceability, quality management with quality type and qualifications, through to transport management and Settlement management.

The Australian nut industry is growing from year to year, and is Australia’s largest horticultural export industry. Australia is a source of premium quality nuts for the export markets in Europe, Asia and the USA, for macadamias, chestnuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts and pecans.


With growing demand and the importance of compliance in food safety, product quality and reliable supply chains, it has never been more important to have an end to end advanced enterprise management system, which not only deals with every aspect of financials on a global scale, but also production, traceability, grading, land management and much more.

Software Features

Nut management

  • Statistical families: commodities, varietal group, agronomic variety …
  • Qualities
  • Qualifications: percentage size, percentage moisturize, percentage yield

Nut Intake management

  • Scale connection
  • Weighing practices management: gross intakes, tares 
  • Transport information
  • Distribution among partners
  • Printing of traceability labels
  • Production management

Nut Pricing management

  • Grading: sample, kilos 
  • Grading documents
  • Modification of quality results
  • Pricing to delivery notes

Settlement management

  • • Invoice types: advances, settlements
  • • Price tables: date interval, value table 
  • • Calculation of settlements by table
  • • Direct settlements

Nut Production management

  • Production types: drying, shelling, sorting, packaging
  • Production templates
  • Production and consumption statement
  • Traceability: ascending, descending

Transport management

  • Vehicles
  • Transport zones
  • Carriage fees
  • Transport delivery notes
  • Transporter invoicing

Land management

  • Identification: owner, variety, location, etc.
  • Property registry information
  • Production: estimated, actual, etc.
  • Crop reports

Contract management (agreements)

  • Contract type: purchasing, sales
  • Data: number of pallets, number of cases, kilos
  • Contract document
  • Associated documents for quality and pricing

Sales management

  • Transaction type: offers, contracts, deliveries, returns
  • Data: no. pallets, no. cases, kilos
  • Associated documents: quality, pricing, packagin

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