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Taking you way past simple EDI compliance 

It’s not just about compliance anymore. A good Supply Chain solution brings you the goods for streamlining your entire supply chain. BSI EDI lets you stay in compliance, with ANSI X12, EDIFACT, VICS, UCS and more business document integration capabilities, supporting both sell-side and buy-side transactions. Couple that with support for multiple Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and you truly have the option to fit the solution to your business and not the other way around. But BSI EDI takes it one step further, with support for CSV, XML and cXML (Ariba) transactions, coupled with support for AS2 systems, multiple FTP, FTPs sites and more, and you truly have a flexible Supply Chain Solution that you can grow with.

It used to be all about compliance – “What do we have to do as a company to qualify for our customer’s business?” The businessscape is changing and it’s also about integration – “How can we use the investment to also benefit our company?” BSI EDI does just that. You get all of the compliance functionality, but also the features and functions that let you streamline the order flow for both the customer-side and supplier-side

Transaction Exchange Formats

What is Electronic Data Interchange? It’s a format for exchanging your orders (or other data) in a machine-readable way. EDI is one of many business formats in use nowadays. BSI EDI gives you support for a rich gamut of those formats.

  • cXML Format (Ariba) – Exchange Transactions via this Popular Portal
  • XML Format – You can exchange orders and other transactions with many sources or destinations such as eCommerce sites, vendors, etc.
  • CSV Format – Have a supplier that can’t or won’t accept EDI or XML? Send them CSV in an automated fashion. Import order CSV files … the possibilities are endless.
  • Traditional EDI – Exchange Transactions in many EDI formats (ANSI, VICS, UCS, EDIFACT, etc)
  • Integrates with Most Popular EDI Standards and Versions

Getting the Data There

Transactions are just half of the equation. What about delivery? BSI EDI gives you the flexibility to connect to multiple disparate locations to exchange transactions directly or indirectly in many different protocols, and the simplicity to easily connect to a Value Added Network (VAN). Why do you need the flexibility? Some customers or suppliers demand a direct connection (like AS2), whereas others allow you to exchange transactions via a VAN (like the BSI Cloud).

  • Traditional VAN Service – We have setup wizards for Liaison, the BSI Cloud, as well as other FTP-based VAN services.

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