V1 Document Management (DMS)

Find the best solution for your organisation that automates the process of managing documents and reduces the cost and clutter of keeping paper based data


Eliminate wasted time taken to file & find documents


Enables staff productivity


Cut the storage requirements for keeping paper-based files


Reduce printing and postage costs


Positive environmental impact


CitySoft offer cost effective integrated scanning solutions for small to medium sized businesses and mid-sized enterprises using software developed specifically for Sage 300, Sage X3, SAP Business One and best of breed document management software.

The core Sage 300 advanced business software system for growing small to medium sized businesses can be augmented by adding the eImage and OCRpac modules that operate in a similar manner to V1. Having trained the system to read each vendors invoice layout once, future invoices are then read and transaction lines created in Sage 300.

System users and auditors have simple access to the scanned document from the accounts payable screens.  Staff who scan invoice have the ability to enrich and correct any fields where the scan was unable to read the data clearly, but with the quality of today’s scanning equipment and software programs, the scanning accuracy is remarkably accurate.

Compile & integrate all expense management processes

Version One (V1) best of breed document management software for Sage and SAP, extends the file and document management capabilities of the native Sage Enterprise. V1 adds advanced document referencing, optionally barcoding of documents and version control. V1 offers companies a long-term document management solution with auto hiving and destruction functionality’s and document storage security. Companies using V1 with Sage X3 can create one or multiple mail boxes for suppliers to email PDF invoices to.

The V1 OCR module scans the accounts payable invoice and creates an accounts payable invoice with a status of ready to post.  The scanned image is linked to the accounts payable transaction. Company specific approval processes can be created within the program as a part of the accounts payable invoice receipt process.  Where companies issue purchase orders, the purchase invoice, goods receipt note and accounts payable invoice can be matched and rules applied to either accommodate variances within a tolerance or not. General ledger determinations can be created as defaults for each vendor down to a line level (Product or service level on an invoice), simplifying the coding process.

The V1 system also supports the situation where one or multiple accounts payable invoices are received in the post and subsequently scanned. This process is covered by the V1 scan station module.  V1 license holders can also drag and drop existing corporate documents including Microsoft Office documents (Non-Sage sales & accounting documents) into the V1 document repository via a Web client user interface. The inclusion of V1 in a Sage X3 advanced business software system is one sure way to reduce the cost of processing accounts payable invoices.


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