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INSPECT – Quality inspection management

Improve productivity and make better decisions in your quality department by automating inspection operations, optimizing data-collection on the shop floor, and reacting to results in real-time.

Achieve best balance between quality and costs

A lean cloud Quality Control application for SAP Business One that enables quality managers to plan, automate and delegate work, and assists inspectors in running tests and recording results.

Key Issue

Are you still registering analysis on spreadsheets and losing the opportunity for having real-time and accessible statistics on how the inspection process is flowing and in which areas you could improve?

Most small and midsized enterprises use spreadsheets for the whole or at least a part of the quality control process, making it hard to understand the current situation of the different inspection processes and to figure out why and where the desired quality standards are failing. If you believe that it is time to switch to a completely digital and real-time quality control process, we have the right solution for you.


Focused on specific business roles, their problems, and needs, Inspect increases productivity of quality departments, and helps them make better decisions by automating inspection operations, streamlining data collection on the shop floor, and responding to results in real-time.

Inspect is built up of two separate applications that work seamlessly together. Supporting the Inspection Manager to define inspection plans and release and track inspection orders, while giving Quality Inspectors an easy-to-use solution to view and execute samples and collect quality data efficiently.

Get your work done faster

Inspect is aimed at customers who want to secure their supply chain processes with standardized inspection procedures, communicate upcoming inspections and results in real time, and thus increase work performance on the shop floor.


“With my current ERP-system, I am not able to automate the creation of inspection orders or to create testing steps digitally. There is no way to track progress on the shop floor, leading to slow decision making or potential problems with poor quality within the supply chain.”

“I need a solution that allows us to improve our products through effortless quality control and insightful data.”

Nicole, Quality Manager

Define inspection plans, track, and release inspection orders

Inspect helps you to improve your products through effortless quality control and insightful data:

  • Define test scenarios and quality objectives
  • Ensure and document tests
  • Manage and release inspection plans
  • Monitor inspection orders and track progress and quality trends


Plan inspections and quality targets

Manage inspection plans with sample plans and quality targets for each inspection step. Build test steps with instructions for the inspector, and define quality targets and rules for how many samples should be taken.

Monitor progress and status of inspection orders

Monitor the execution of inspection orders and quality trends. See results in real time and make quick decisions relating to subsequent tasks.

Analyse inspection results

Deep dive into test results and track global quality trends. Detailed view of results per inspection order and cumulative view of the current quality status via the quality dashboard.


“As an Inspector on the shop floor, I have to rely on manual tools for data collection and communication of work.”

“I need a solution to check the quality of materials through the various processing steps in a fast
and accurate way.”

Paul, Quality Inspector

View and execute inspection samples and collect quality data

Inspect helps you to check the quality of materials through the various processing steps in a fast and accurate way:

  • Get a clear, paperless overview of the work
  • Execute inspection samples and tests
  • Collect quality data


Execute inspections and collect quality data

Get a clear, paperless overview of the work your manager wants you to perform. Process inspection plans and see what items need to be inspected, what tests you need to perform and their criteria for success. Capture data effortlessly with shop floor data collection while the system helps you to spot potential problems or failed tests along the way. Use reporting tools to communicate and resolve issues with your manager – e.g. by attaching photos or adding notes about the problem.
When your tasks are completed, your manager is instantly informed so you can smoothly progress to your next piece of work.

Increase productivity and make better decisions within your quality department with these 5 key benefits of Inspect


Maintain customer confidence by ensuring the quality of the purchased materials for production, the correct processing of the production steps up to the finished product


Automate the generation of inspection orders based on ERP events. Improve communication with inspectors with automatic provision of new inspection orders


Get a clear, paperless overview of the work by using shop floor data collection for processing inspection steps and completing inspection orders


Immediate insights into inspection activities. Monitor inspection progresses, check quality results. Use inspection data to create your own KPIs or certificates with SAP Business One or B1UP


Achieve the best balance between quality and costs with flawless production processes without delays due to poor-quality raw materials

Get up and running quickly with lean cloud applications



Increased work performance with out-of-the-box apps for specific business roles for a fast and fluid way of working.


Start within one day through low implementation and training effort


Less complexity and fast learning curve through easy-to-use functions and self-explanatory user interface.


Automate and improve collaboration between your teams with a real-time and paperless communication.


No resources required for administration and maintenance of the solution.


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