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BatchMaster for SAP Business One Pricing.

An investment in BatchMaster for SAP Business One comes in many shapes and sizes. There are multiple options to choose from. There are options that will suit growing startups and options for mature established businesses. There are OPEX and CAPEX options, SaaS and perpetual license options and a variety of deployment choices to consider.


The software licensing is made available as either a one-off perpetual license with an annual maintenance fee ranging from 17% – 20% of the one-off license fee or a subscription which is calculated monthly and billed annually in advance.

There are several named user license types that vary both in the functionality offered to a license holder and in price. There are also system-wide licenses that service all named license holders.

The BatchMaster for SAP Business One license pricing places the investment above the entry-level accounting systems and small general ERP systems that tend towards servicing small businesses with say under ~$5M turnover p.a. AUD. The BatchMaster for SAP Business One license pricing places the investment into the top end of small to medium-sized businesses and into the small to medium-sized enterprise space (SME space) where products such as Sage X3, Netsuite and D365 AX sit.


The BatchMaster for SAP Business One system can be deployed in a public or a private cloud environment or on a company’s own hardware located at a data centre or in-house, and this is regardless of the licensing model selected. The monthly fee for Cloud hosting will be influenced by the various selected services and other matters and service options such as user numbers, data volumes, disaster recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC), shared or unique services and back-up choices.

Project Services

The typical fee range to successfully implement an ERP system sold into the same industry segment and size of business doesn’t differ greatly between the various ERP applications; market forces see to that.

A core BatchMaster for SAP Business One process manufacturing ERP project generally ranges in days between 50-75 days (~$100k-$150k) with the day range influenced by project approach, client sophistication and experience with ERP software, the proposed solution, the service delivery approach, and project scope. The addition of business processes and software such as Bi, human capital management, EDI and advanced warehousing will require an additional provision of professional services to commission these system elements.

Post Project Support

As a mature proven ERP for process manufacturers, BatchMaster for SAP Business One isn’t a support-intensive solution but like all advanced business software systems is enhanced by the vendor or implementation and support firm offering to provide post-project support services to address matters as they arise which may be user, environment, or application-based issues. Support costs will fluctuate during the life of the system in use at a business especially as staff come and go, updates get released by vendors, and companies add new capabilities to their core ERP system. The nature of support with immature, out-of-date or incomplete systems tends to be skewed towards technology incompatibilities and bugs whereas with a mature system such as BatchMaster for SAP Business One support is more likely to be because of system user error, or a product or system knowledge gap. Costs for support for BatchMaster for SAP Business One start as low as $200 a month AUD for HELP Desk.

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