SAP Business One Scales To Meet The Changing Needs Of SMEs

Most SMEs plan to grow. Selecting a software system with the ability to scale up as the business grows is critical.

Changing your business management software system is one process, companies should attempt to minimize, during the life of the business.  Business management software system changeovers are typically disruptive to the day to day business, especially during the project, but often extending to the time immediately following a changeover, regardless of how well the project is planned and executed.

A system changeover places extra stress on staff leading up to, and at the time of changing over to the new system. Of course, often there are many compelling reasons why a company must change their advanced business management software system.

Business growth and changes in technology often make a system change over unavoidable. In such circumstances selecting a system that is both scalable from a technology and a functional perspective is critical. Equally important is selecting a software manufacturer with a track record of delivering technical and product capability advancements that keep their product fresh and relevant to their client base.

SAP Scalability

Smart start-ups and SME’s with growth ambitions will select the SAP Business One Starter kit as their first real business software package. The SAP B1 Starter kit provides SME’s with five or fewer system users an ideal platform upon which to grow their business.

The SAP Starter kit is in essence the full SAP Business One system for SME’s at a lower price point. As businesses grow they simply upgrade to SAP B1 with no business disruption.

Growing SME’s and mature SME’s who need a more modern capable application are selecting SAP Business One ERP based on business process coverage and depth and scalability of the system. The SAP Business One technology can support 2 - 100+ users making it a whole business life proposition. The SAP updates are feature rich and regular (On average every 12-18 months) providing companies using SAP Business One great value for their annual maintenance payment or subscription and ensuring product compatibility with new hardware, operating systems and databases.