Based on the evolution of ERP software and information technology, many mid-sized businesses are now compelled to replace their old business software with a new modern ERP system.

Some organisations will continue to try and hang on to their current system despite having to accommodate system flaws and shortcomings and they will accept business compromises simply to retain their old familiar rusted on system with its hotch pot of patches, updates and limitations. Other companies will embrace the need for a new ERP system with an understanding that changes in technology and the cost benefits available to them from using new ERP software that was designed for the Web makes sticking with last centuries software the wrong decision.

Sage X3 is a Web native application for mid-sized enterprises. It is built using modern technologies and integrates with other systems and IT platforms making connecting with staff, customers, prospects and suppliers a simple process. Sage X3 delivers companies the flexibility to stay connected wherever staff may be working, and its accessible on mobile devices and compatible with any browser.

From a technology perspective Sage X3 API’s are in accordance with web services standards (WSDL/SOAP) It offers excellent EDI capabilities and is deeply integrated with Microsoft Office. Other technologies include REST publication tools and Web services, Web 2, RSS-enabled portal technology, Web Server and intranet/extranet functions and clever use of activity codes that allow system customization whilst protecting your investment in core Sage X3 functionality add up to make Sage X3 a powerful mid-market system for mid-sized enterprises.