It’s a common occurrence for mid-sized businesses in Australia to experience growth constraints due to an inadequate ERP system. To grow profitably mid-sized enterprises need an ERP system that can scale upwards to accommodate more users, more data, more companies, often greater business complexity and typically more locations around the globe.

Changing markets can present both challenges and opportunities and with Sage X3 mid-sized enterprises can confidently plan to expand into new industries, new regions, and go to market with new products and services knowing that Sage X3 has the sophistication and technical structure to support their business.

Scaling from 5 – 2,500+ concurrent users and bench tested at 750,000 transactions an hour Sage X3 has the technical platform to address the needs of mid-market enterprises.

As a Web native ERP suite, Sage X3 makes it that much easier to open new offices and take on new staff and since Sage X3 is a multi-site, multi-company, multi-currency, multi-legislation, and multi-language application quickly scaling your business to capitalize on new business opportunities is a straight-forward process with Sage X3.

The easy to use analytics, single instance – multiple entity design and advanced reporting tools in Sage X3 have been designed to help C level executives quickly and easily add companies, sites and groups as well as the inter-site and inter-company transactional routes and consolidation paths, processes that are very important for multi-entity groups.

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