Providing your sales team with the tools that enable them to spend a higher percentage of their time face to face with clients and prospects should translate into more sales and improved customer satisfaction levels. Empowering sales people with the ability to not only see information but to enter transactions leads to increased productivity and a motivated sales force.

CitySoft provide companies with the ability to streamline all their sales activities including the activities of sales people in the field without diminishing the companies accuracy and controls over margins, document checking and approval processes. Modern ERP systems enable sales people on the go to raise sales quotes and proposals, process sales orders and invoices, check stock on hand and stock ‘availability-to-promise.’ Sales staff can even manage cash collections, create receipts, process credit card payments, as well as manage returns using mobile devices. All this is all possible with Sage X3 ERP software.

Sage X3 provides mid-sized Australian businesses with a powerful web-native ERP software solution that can be securely accessed through any mobile device with web access. Sage X3 also provides both on and offline access through its native Sales mobile App whilst empowering you to create your own company specific apps in Sage X3.

With Sage X3 your sales and service teams can become more efficient and effective in turn reducing their reliance on back office staff.