The Sage X3 mobile sales App empowers your sales team to conduct sales business wherever your business takes you. Your sales staff can complete sales transactions without a need to complete paperwork or return to the office making them far more productive and available to spend more time with clients or working on new business development.

Even more importantly the Sage X3’s Sales mobile App provides sales people operating in the field access to up-to-date contact and project information, map location and sales history which helps them improve customer service levels and instantly respond to the critical needs of customers.

The HTML 5 technology used by Sage X3 also enables companies to create their own Apps which can be used on any mobile device with internet access, and any browser, and can be used in both an on and offline mode.

The Sage X3 Sales mobile App is very easy to use and supports multiple languages making it an ideal tool for sales teams working across multiple geographic regions with different legislation’s.