Billing time for jobs has traditionally been a labored process with service companies usually including a requirement for manager invoice approvals, billable and non billable time management, contracts and client interpretations of the job often captured post invoice. With Sage X3’s mobile capabilities, this is now possible to obtain client sign off immediately following job completion which naturally reduces the likelihood of post invoice adjustments and client dispute.

Sage X3 is an ERP software solution designed for mid-sized businesses. Sage X3 is considered a ‘best of breed’ solution for organisations who provide in field support and service. Sage X3 allows your in-field teams to access key account information while they are on the job through a web-native interface.

Companies with mobile staff using the Sage X3 services suite will have mobile access to a powerful system upon which to deliver their field based services.

Sage X3’s mobile capabilities allow your service team to directly add and update information to your centralised Sage X3 system such as inventory consumption and sales, purchase requisitions and expenses, from the field, using any device that can access the Web and using any browser.

For remote sites with no Internet coverage you can collect data off line and automatically synchronize once connectivity becomes available. With Sage X3, your people can capture start and stop times and have clients sign off your work electronically, at the time a project or task is completed. It also allows your service team to convert services into customer invoices (with or without approval processes). Purchase requests and purchase orders for a job, for hire of equipment, parts or labor can be initiated by the field technician with contractual coverage determining applicable pricing and service fees.

Sage X3 enables you and your people to manage travel times and employee expenses, which provides you with the insights you need to either cut the cost of delivering services to customers or so you can fully recover costs.

Sage X3 supports sophisticated billing and service schedules, equipment card creation as a result of selling equipment that includes commissioning and warranty periods and after-sales service delivery, serialized inventory and advanced resource scheduling. Likely workloads and skills shortages can be identified and acted on well before they become an issue, using the Sage X3 Service suites resource planner capabilities.

The Sage X3 service suite can calculate billing amounts based on consumption and can, via Web services, capture statistical data that in turn generates billings, the issuing of spare parts and consumables and scheduling of further services.