With ever increasing competition and in many cases diminishing client loyalty and less tolerance to sub-standard supplier interactions, every customer contact you make needs to be backed by accurate information. Customer-facing staff such as field sales, and client support and service teams need to be armed with customer and equipment history, account details and contacts and other pertinent information that supports their delivery of superior service to your clients.

Mid-sized Australian technical, project and professional service businesses and companies with mobile sales teams who don’t currently provide their field teams with mobile access to key contact information, address details, account status, sales and service history, previous communications and client-specific information, are most certainly losing sales and risking accounts. CitySoft Consulting Group provides mid-sized enterprises who operate field staff, access to possibly the most powerful mobile business software solutions developed for mid-market enterprises: – Sage X3.

Sage X3 mobile capabilities will help improve your customer service levels, build your customer sales, and support new business development activities.

As a Web-native application with responsive HTML 5 technologies, the whole ERP system is available on any device capable of running a browser. Sage X3 allows your people in the field to view interactive dashboards with live KPI based sales information from any location with internet access.

Sage X3 also allows management to monitor and communicate more effectively with sales teams as well as in-field support and service teams. Sage X3 puts the stats that matter in the hands of your customer-facing staff so they can help you grow your business profitably. Any ERP business process you choose to allow field staff to perform can be managed by Sage X3. From time cards to invoice lines, and from purchase requests to expense claims your field staff can take your business to where it needs to be.