Never before has business intelligence been so critical to an enterprise's fortunes.

The advanced business software system - Sage Enterprise Management includes a number of brilliant business reporting capabilities in its core license offering such as Crystal Reports (Over 450 predefined reports ready to use), Sage Intelligence, SQL Query, Intuitive, role based and interactive user definable dashboards, data extractor and financial data extractor plus deep integration with Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point that support rapid accurate sharing of corporate data at the push of a button plus optionally, as advanced data visualization and BI tools, SAP Business Objects, Sage Enterprise Intelligence & Qlik Sense.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (Nectari) is the advanced BI tool of choice for Sage Enterprise Management. Originally designed exclusively for Sage Enterprise Management Nectari / SEI now competes with market leading BI tools based on an amazing user interface and advanced technologies.

SEI | Nectari License Description

SEI | Nectari is available as a perpetual license purchase or a subscription. The core product consists of a server license with access to one data source, OLAP run time, your first user license and preconfigured Sage Enterprise Management templates and then concurrent user licensing. There are two user license types. There is the full SEI / Nectari BI user licence and there is the Excel Add in license. The software is fully adaptive for your smartphone, tablet, or any mobile device, with dedicated apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.

The system options include: Enterprise extension pack 1 that adds the ability to create distribution lists for simple distribution of reports plus access to 3 additional data sources; and Enterprise extension pack 2 that adds the ability for multiple installations (for example production, test and training) unlimited data source access and the OLAP Manager.