Profitably delivering complex projects typically demands keen and constant management attention and business systems to avoid over-runs and cost blow outs.

Coordinated departmental communications aids with the delivery of the right people, products, services and outcomes at the right times and accurate and timely collection of information and sharing of data helps with controlling every aspect of the project.

Communicating with field staff, recruiting people, advertising for staff, new staff inductions, paying people – the people side of a project, must tie in with sales, finance and operation departments otherwise projects, particularly fixed fee projects, can go awry very quickly.

Good project management will not only control costs but will also ensure recovering and billing of contractual milestones and project variations. Flexible controls over revenue recognition methods, contractual compliance, electronic time sheet collection, linked to projects and payroll, electronic purchase approval processes, alerts and in the field mobile access to systems all assist with keeping tight control over projects.

CitySoft offers a range of specialised project management systems that incorporate everything from quoting to project financial reporting and everything in between. People, products and assets are all managed at a job, phase, task and project level for accurate billing, cost allocation and treatment of overheads. Resource availability, budgets, actuals and variations, percentage complete and other project based metrics are measured and available in traditional report format or in intuitive dashboards. Communications between clients, staff and contractors can be captured to maintain a central repository of documents, conversations, emails and related communications that built a project story.

CitySoft as system integrators and solution providers utilize combinations of Sage, SAP, HR3 and a number of applications designed for or integrated with these core ERP, CRM and payroll systems to deliver companies involved in project management a complete end to end business system with the functional depth, technical currency and business intelligence coverage to support the successful delivery of projects.