Exceptional customer service is often characterized by the accuracy of your available to promise dates and the provision of self service access to production plans.

CitySoft will help you securely share your production data with both customers and suppliers through Web services so you can more readily achieve best in class status in your industry.

Concise communications about what you are going to manufacturer, how much and when it has been scheduled for production along with the status of completed work orders … is it in QC, released for sale, allocated or un-allocated and available for sale…will improve customer service responses and will help suppliers plan for your intended production schedule.

Mid-market ERP software Sage X3 through Web services and its companion eCommerce systems provides customers with an expected ship date, available quantities and other pertinent data along with the ability to order online either as a B2B or B2C customer. With deep multi channel sales and manufacturing integration Sage X3 will streamline the entire sales order – manufacture – sales invoice process including providing production managers with the data they need to optimize production and to satisfy customers.

Sales order and shipment tracking as well as production tracking by work order, sales order, production batch or lot are also covered by Sage X3 allowing production managers the ability to accurately measure machine, work centre and labour costs.